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A Canadian History Power Point

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A Canadian History Power Point - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Canadian History Power Point
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  1. James Cook A Canadian History Power Point

  2. By JessicaBlanchard September 26, 2006 CanadianHistory 11 A. Ripley

  3. The Early Life The Early Life James Cook was born on October 27, 1728 in the small village of Marton, England. In 1745, James Cook became a Merchant Navy apprentice which allowed him to learn Algebra, Trigonometry, Navigation and Astronomy. A few years after he finished his Internship, he worked on trade boats. In the Seven Years’ War, James Cook went across for England to help fight many of battles. He also mapped many area’s of the coast, including Newfoundland.

  4. James Cook's Voyages This map shows the route of voyage, of each trip James Cook took. He captained the Endeavour on his first voyage, and the Resoulution on his second and last voyage.

  5. The First Voyage In 1768, James Cook was given his first voyage. The goals of this voyage were to map the movements of the planet Venus and to search for the southern continent Terra Australis. On October 6, 1769, James Cook landed on New Zealand for the first time. He was able to map much of the two islands, and proved that New Zealand was not part of the larger continent they were looking for. After sailing and mapping the Australian coast, he returned to England on July 13, 1771.

  6. The Second Voyage On July 13, 1772, James Cook began his second voyage. This time his goal was to test the chronometer and discover mare about Terra Australis. During this trip though James Cook saw ice bergs, which were evidence of more land in the south. Though James Cook did not find this land, he was the first person to cross the Antarctic Circle. He arrived back to England in July 29, 1775.

  7. The Final Voyage James Cook’s last voyage began on July 12, 1776. The mission for this voyage was to find Northwest Passage. During this trip he sailed along the Pacific coast, visiting area’s like New Zealand and Tahiti, and discovering new places like the Hawaiian Islands. During this trip he did not find the Northwest passage. Instead he ended up stopping right before you could enter the Artic.

  8. The Death Of James Cook On February 14, 1779, James Cook died on one of the recently discovered Hawaiian Islands. His ship had stopped once again at this Hawaiian Island for repairs. This time though some Hawaiian natives had stolen one of the British boats. Because of this James Cook had decided to take Kalaniopu'u hostage until he get the stolen goods back. Rumors quickly started onshore that James Cook had killed the natives chief. When he came onshore to negotiate, he was hit in the back of the head by one of the natives and was stabbed to death.

  9. Facts About James Cook • His crew was the first crew not to get Scurvy on their travels. -On James Cook’s final voyage he began to suffer from Stomach Ailment. -James Cook married Elizabeth Bates. The couple had six childern. -On James Cook’s first voyage there were many artists on board, including Sydney Parkinson, who died near the end of the voyage. - James Cook tested out to Chronometer no his second voyage.

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