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SPQR. ITALY & GERMANY: 2013. CHAPERONES. Michelle Shupp, Group Leader Monica Shirey, Assistant Group Leader Tim Goebl, Assistant Group Leader One Chaperone per Eight Students. Ecce! Roma!. Photo: Vatican City, 2011.

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    1. SPQR ITALY & GERMANY: 2013

    2. CHAPERONES Michelle Shupp, Group Leader Monica Shirey, Assistant Group Leader Tim Goebl, Assistant Group Leader One Chaperone per Eight Students

    3. Ecce! Roma! Photo: Vatican City, 2011 As I have walked around on this trip, the images that go through my head are just so breathtaking.  I have taken things from this experience that I will NEVER forget.  I'm so lucky to be one of the students that has come here.  - Bree Black (2011)

    4. roma Rome is the most incredible city in the world. There is something about the look of the remnants of the Roman Empire that just leaves me speechless. —Austin Wolfe (2005) Photo: Colosseum, 2009

    5. roma Photo: Piazza Navona, 2005 Photo: Roman Forum, 2005 Photo: Arch of Constantine & Colosseum, 2009

    6. Our tour managers I hope you have all had an experience that you'll remember forever and I know that this trip has opened your eyes and your hearts to the wonderful world that we live in! - Dimitra (2011) Photo: DimitraNeonakis, 2011 You have shared your trust, attention and your thoughts with me. Thank you for those amazing moments.—Granville Lee-Warner (2005) Photo: Mauro Tonelli, 2003

    7. Sorrento We have experienced so much and experienced a completely different way of living. I have had moments when I would step back and realize where we are and know I’ll never forget it.—Marisa Preston

    8. capri Do not allow the return home to bring you back to the person you were two weeks ago, for then all of this has meant nothing to you. ‘Use your past to live in the present to better your future.’” —Greg Huff (2003 & 2005) Photo: Cruising the Mediterranean, 2003

    9. Blue Grotto “When I heard Huff say this would be a life-changing experience, it seems now like an understatement. I came here with some expectations that were completely blown out of the water. —Ryan Lawson (2005) Photo: Inside the Blue Grotto, 2009

    10. pompeii I will miss everyone on the trip. What a great group of students—so polite and considerate of me. It was the trip of a lifetime! —Linda Willis, adult participant (2005) Photo: Roman Forum in Pompeii, 2003

    11. Orvieto They say that trips and journeys, such as the one we embarked on, change one’s life. I don’t think that anyone truly believes it until it happens to them. This trip did, indeed, make an imprint on my life. —Kate Califano (2005)

    12. Florentia/Firenze Photo: The Duomo, 2009

    13. Florence/florentia In the David, Michelangelo has really mastered sculpting human anatomy. Florence was, by far, my favorite day of the trip and one of the best days of my life. —Erin Luley (2005) Photo: Florence, 2003

    14. Verona Despite my anticipation, I couldn’t have realized how great of a country Italy is. This entire trip, down to the smallest detail, will never be forgotten. – Adam Deluca (2005)

    15. I Dolomiti: Bressanone

    16. Alpes/Alpi

    17. Deutschland: München(Munich)

    18. Working Student: Potential Financial Plan September through February 7 hrs/week @7.25/hour = (net) $79 every pay period 12 pay periods between September and February (allowing for 3 weeks of no work) =$948 (net) for the school year Summer (June 14) 25 hrs/week @7.25/hour = (net) $275 every pay period 4 pay periods between 6/14 and 8/6 =$1,100 (net) for the summer In this plan, the student will have earned $2,048 by the March 1st payment deadline. Following these formulae, the same student would be able to save $800 for spending money between March and June, allowing for three weeks of no work.