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GSSJC Vision 2020

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GSSJC Vision 2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GSSJC Vision 2020. Strategic Learning Cycle . Strategy Creation. Strategy Implementation. GSSJC Strategy . Competitive Focus. Troops K-3 4-6 Recruit Retain. Older Girl Offering 7-12 Recruit and Retain. Winning Proposition.

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GSSJC Vision 2020

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    1. GSSJC Vision 2020

    2. Strategic Learning Cycle Strategy Creation Strategy Implementation

    3. GSSJC Strategy Competitive Focus Troops K-3 4-6 Recruit Retain Older Girl Offering 7-12 Recruit and Retain Winning Proposition Grounded in our core values, GSSJC provides transformational experiences to produce the MOST successful girls and women in society.Girls have fun, develop life skills, positive relationships and leadership qualities,and make a significant impact on their communities. Key Priorities Robust Adult Delivery Systems Older Girl Program Offerings Diversified Revenue Technology Diversity Affiliations

    4. Competitive Focus

    5. GSSJC Key Priorities: 2014 - 2020 PILLARS • Robust Adult Delivery System: • - Qualified, well informed troop leaders • Effective use of volunteers in programmatic and indirect roles • Develop and retain volunteers who deliver high quality GSLE • Rapid on-boarding and effective volunteer management practices • Older Girl • (7th -12th Grade) • Program Offerings: • Clear messaging on the value proposition • Enable a robust and well-defined programmatic menu that engages older girls in relevant GSLE program opportunities • Go for the Gold! By growing the pipeline • Diversified Revenue: • Increase Non-Product Sales revenue by 50% • Build network of successful women who support GS IMPERATIVES Technology: implement an IT strategy which enables our girls, volunteers and stakeholders to use relevant and up-to-date technology that enables the Girl Scout mission. Diversity: attract girls, families and volunteers of all backgrounds by using successful multi-cultural strategies (e.g., Hispanic and faith-based strategies) Affiliations: formalize and standardize collaborative models in order to enable and support the delivery of the Girl Scout programs

    6. GSSJC Key Priorities: 2014 - 2020 PILLARS Robust Adult Delivery System: - New volunteer management system to support rapid onboarding - Web-enabled volunteer toolkit with program resources, meeting planning, online trainings and aids Older Girl (7th -12th Grade) Program Offerings: - Differentiated offerings and program templates - Development of Regions - Thrive offerings – camp and journey weekends Diversified Revenue: - Increase revenue from new and existing sources - Council service fee - Focus on alumnae engagement - Focus on individual giving and major gifts donors IMPERATIVES Technology: Investing in new website, volunteer management and membership systems, reservation system for properties, expanded digital cookie program, communication tools Diversity: Develop partnerships with diverse faith communities, continued focus on Hispanic community engagement, develop engagement strategies for other groups Affiliations: Establish framework for affiliations with defined requirements and benefits including troop contributors, formalize collaboration with partners who align to the GS mission

    7. Table Discussion Process: • Open your envelope • Discuss the question(s) at the table for 15 minutes • Record your ideas on the sheet provided • Be prepared to share one idea with the larger group • Leave your notes on the table

    8. Table Discussions • Robust Adult Delivery Systems (8) • Older Girl Offerings (8) • Technology (4) • Diversified Revenue (3) • Diversity (3) • Affiliations (2)

    9. Thank you!