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Group 11 Vocabulary

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Group 11 Vocabulary. Blocks 3, 7 Quiz: Wednesday, February 12 Notes in Spiral Due: Wednesday, February 12.

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group 11 vocabulary

Group 11 Vocabulary

Blocks 3, 7 Quiz: Wednesday, February 12

Notes in Spiral Due: Wednesday, February 12

Students will record the following information in the vocabulary section of their spirals: title of unit, each vocabulary term, the definition, and an example sentence. They can summarize the definitions from this slide show, and they can make up their own sentences or use the ones provided here.


To bother repeatedly

It’s aggravating when my computer won’t work. I get so frustrated!

This fly is so aggravating! It will not stop bothering me!


To complain and whine


There’s a lot to gripe, or complain, about when you’re sick

No matter how good things are, some people are always griping about something!


Wild, crazy, out of control


This classroom looks unruly with all the wild, crazy kids in it!


suitable; just right


If you dress inappropriately, you won’t be allowed to go into certain stores or restaurants.

Joseph’s behavior in school is always appropriate.



It benefits everyone to just be kind and helpful.

Some bugs are actually beneficial, or helpful, to other plants!


easy and nearby

Pressing the “easy” button is a convenient way to get help when you need it at the store!

Convenience stores are on practically every corner and are usually open 24/7 to make last minute shopping very convenient.


Secretive, careful, keeping it on the “down-low”


The little girl’s hearing aid is discreetly disguised as a flower clip in her hair.

You should be discreet when eating your ice cream since your little brother can’t have any.


Evil, disastrous, really bad


Creepy! What a sinister looking Jack-o-lantern that is!

Disney movies always seem to have a sinister, or evil, character who creates conflicts for the main character.