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Learning, Teaching and Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Learning, Teaching and Research

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Learning, Teaching and Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Learning, Teaching and Research. Making the links: Bringing together Enterprise & Sustainability Education. Learning, Teaching and Research. Results of HEA-funded workshop 20 Universities, 1 day Enterprise Education Entrepreneurship Education Opportunities for collaboration

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Presentation Transcript

Making the links:

Bringing together Enterprise & Sustainability Education


Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Results of HEA-funded workshop
  • 20 Universities, 1 day
  • Enterprise Education
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Opportunities for collaboration
  • The student voice
  • Themes:
  • Language
  • Skills & Attributes
  • Flexible Pedagogies
  • Joint Institutional Approaches: partnership building
  • Distinctions
  • Ethics

Learning, Teaching and Research

Enterprise Education

  • QAA guidance September 2012:
  • Enterprise is defined as ‘the application of creative ideas and innovations to practical situations’
  • Enterprise Education ‘aims to produce graduates with the mindset and skills to come up with original ideas in response to identified needs and shortfalls, and the ability to act on them.’

Learning, Teaching and Research

Entrepreneurship Education

  • Entrepreneurship is defined as ‘the application of enterprise skills specifically to creating and growing organisations in order to identify and build on opportunities’
  • Entrepreneurship Education ‘focuses on the development and application of an enterprising mindset and skills in the specific contexts of setting up a new venture, developing and growing an existing business, or designing an entrepreneurial organisation.’

Learning, Teaching and Research

Other useful ideas

  • Intrapreneurship is defined as ‘the application of entrepreneurial skills within an existing corporate or public sector organisation’
  • Social Enterprise
  • Education ‘about’/’for’/’through’ enterprise
  • Awareness – Mindset – Capability

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Identifying opportunities
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Holistic thinking
  • Resource management
  • Living with uncertainty
  • Handling risk

Enterprise or Sustainability Education?

Skills Development:

Adaptive capacity

Taking the initiative

Intuitive decision-making

Making things happen



Future thinking

Interdisciplinary skills

Personal ethical code


Learning, Teaching and Research

Skills & Attributes

common ground in the skills and attributes both seek to develop, trying to develop a new kind of student

Bristol Student Green Fund

  • future narratives
  • future thinking
  • Interdisciplinary engagement
  • critical thinking
  • social / collaborative thinkers
  • making a difference
  • creative solutions
  • innovation
  • empowerment, efficacy, self belief
  • experiential learning
  • partnership
  • ethical
  • interdisciplinarity
  • empathy
  • self efficacy
  • Adaptive capacity
    • evidence based thinking
    • Ability to handle risk, uncertainty and move beyond predictable
  • Ability to take adaptive action
  • Holistic /integrative thinking
  • Personal ethical code
  • Vision motivation and resourcefulness

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Flexible Pedagogies
  • Opportunity to match flexible pedagogies agenda set out in HEA Report: Flexible Pedagogies and New Pedagogic Ideas (2013) Tilbury and Ryan
  • Learner empowerment
  • Future-facing education
  • Decolonisingeducation
  • Transformative capabilities
  • Crossing boundaries: interdisciplinary and systemic approaches
  • Social learning: harnessing the emancipatory power of spaces outside the formal curriculum

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Language
  • Enterprise and sustainability education use different language:
  • Loaded words
  • Different vocabularies
  • Shared vocabularies
  • Both are THEMATIC – trying to break through disciplinary silo barriers.
  • We can get through different doors..

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Joint Institutional Approaches: partnership building
  • Developing on twin tracks within the same institution
  • Opportunities to:
  • cross skill
  • share techniques and approaches
  • ensure that if one approach secures an entry into a school, they are equipped to be able to raise the other issue
  • Can enterprise educators get through doors (staff and student) we can’t?

Learning, Teaching and Research


Different doors in

Different journeys

Different outcomes

Map your own journey


Learning, Teaching and Research

  • There ARE differences of emphasis…..
  • Distinctions
  • Between entrepreneurship and enterprise education
  • Misconceptions
  • Ethics
  • Engagement, partnership, ecopreneurs
  • Shared characteristics

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • Students:
  • Arrive creative – are they more or less creative by the end of year 1?
    • Harness the natural enterprise of students
  • Student action often instinctively combines sustainability and enterprise
    • Are OUR silos the problem?
    • Unteach” ourselves – academics and other staff
    • Personal reflection in learning
    • Creativity + Collaboration
  • Challenges:
  • Framing the problem
  • Catching the vision
  • Figuring out a strategy

Learning, Teaching and Research

  • So how can we help each other open the door to creativity?
  • Work together
  • Create Joint opportunities
  • Share resources
  • Lead by example
  • Celebrate good practice
  • Create enterprise to help save the plant
  • Create sustainability that will work
  • ….. Help students see they CAN create the world they want

Learning, Teaching and Research

‘Aha’ moments

What are our enterprise people doing?

Have they got through doors I can’t get through?

What could we do together?