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Blue Bulls * presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation 12 th June 2007 * Blue Bulls Rugby PowerPoint Presentation
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Blue Bulls * presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation 12 th June 2007 * Blue Bulls Rugby

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Blue Bulls * presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation 12 th June 2007 * Blue Bulls Rugby - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blue Bulls * presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation 12 th June 2007 * Blue Bulls Rugby Union & Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd. Discussion Topics. Topic 1 : Blue Bulls Transformation Status Quo Topic 2 :The Way Forward Topic 3 : Conclusion

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Blue Bulls * presentation to Parliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation 12 th June 2007 * Blue Bulls Rugby

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Blue Bulls*presentation toParliament Portfolio Committee on Sport and Recreation12th June 2007*Blue Bulls Rugby Union & Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd

    2. Discussion Topics • Topic 1 : Blue Bulls Transformation Status Quo • Topic 2 :The Way Forward • Topic 3 : Conclusion • Topic 4 : What has been achieved on the professional rugby level? BBRU

    3. Blue Bulls jurisdiction area includes: • Northern Gauteng • (Greater Tshwane) • Limpopo

    4. One of the leading provinces on the field. • Vast geographical area – overlapping two provinces. • Traditional rural areas – non rugby playing. • SARU Broad-based transformation process and charter • strategy guide Blue Bulls into the future. • Aligning ourselves to thè above. BBRU

    5. A Strategic Plan for Game Development was initiated in 2001and managed for a period of 5 years. The Plan essentially focussed on the transformation of rugby within the jurisdiction of the Blue Bulls, including the Limpopo Province. Topic 1State of Transformation BBRU

    6. The Transformation Plan was annually audited and the processed results and data were sent to SA Rugby. The Blue Bulls are aware of flaws and obstacles regarding the implementation of the Plan. One example would be the lack of wider representation of role players and cooperation in relevant joint ventures .E.g. Local Government, Dept of Sport and Recreation, etc. State of Transformation (continued) BBRU

    7. Success of The Blue Bulls Transformation Strategy and projects delivered excellent results in the past five years e.g. previously disadvantaged communities: Increase in schools and youth teams, especially in the Limpopo. Increase in senior club teams Development of rugby facilities . Development of women’s rugby. Training of coaches and capacity building projects with management of black clubs. Bulletjie rugby campaign for u/6-u/8 mini. Tshwane Inner City project Re-establish rugby in the developed schools in the Tshwane City area (large influx of black children in traditional Rugby strongholds). Talented black player programmes . State of Transformation (continued) BBRU

    8. SA Rugby is currently in the process of launching a project to transform rugby on a national basis according to a scheduled plan. The SA Rugby Transformation Concept Plan has already been introduced at various rugby forums nationally and provincially. Workshops were facilitated with the various BBRU role players and affiliates in 2007. Topic 2The way forward for critical sport issues on transformation and development BBRU

    9. Guide-lines and framework regarding the Transformation Plan and process are being communicated on various levels of sport and government administration e.g. (DSR: Local Sports Councils, etc.) The Way Forward (continued) BBRU

    10. The BBRU believes that the Transformation initiative will have a great impact on the following focus areas, with specific reference to schools: The Way Forward (continued) BBRU

    11. Levelling demographic playing fields. Grow the game in former disadvantaged communities. Grow the game in the so-called advantaged communities with special emphasis on black people in rugby. Improving women’s rugby. Major capacity building and life skills projects. Talent identification and development projects. Major focus on the Limpopo region with vast potential for rugby. The Way Forward (continued) Strategic focus areas: 2008+ BBRU

    12. The Blue Bulls realise that the Union cannot undertake such an enormous project on their own and is thus dependent on the following organisations: Gauteng & Limpopo Dept. of Sports and Recreation Tshwane & Limpopo Government Local Sports Councils Dept. of Education Dept. of Health Lotto Board Other role players Sponsors The Way Forward (continued) BBRU

    13. Support from all the above-mentioned institutions and other role players will be of cardinal importance. Finances and Human Resources as support will be a prerequisite. The Way Forward (continued) BBRU

    14. Amateur and professional divisions at The Blue Bulls are in the process of compiling a framework for the implementation of our Transformation Plan, based on the six dimensions prescribed by SA Rugby, namely: 1. Demographic representation 2. Access 3. Skill development 4. Employment equity 5. Preferential procurement 6. Social investment through community development – The Way Forward (continued) BBRU

    15. It must be mentioned that the challenge to successfully manage the transformation process within the BBRU, is much larger than in the provinces where rugby has been accepted as a culture within black communities. The Blue Bulls would like to emphasise that Government (nationally and provincial: Gauteng) should collectively commit to support the BBRU with transformation. Topic 3 - Conclusion BBRU

    16. The BBRU accepts the responsibility to transform significantly and to develop and promote rugby in all corners of the Province. Conclusion (continued) BBRU

    17. Topic 4 : What has been achieved on the professional rugby level? BB Co

    18. Structure: Blue BullsRugby Core: Game Development BBRU Amateur Rugby Maximiseshare-holders return Associations Clubs Blue Bulls Company (Pty) Ltd Professional Rugby Schools Youth Rugby SAIL Referee’s Rugby Structures U19 U21 VC CC S14 Medical Sport Management & Investment Company Junior Senior College & Academy Schools dynamicprocess BB Co

    19. Springbok Blue Bulls Players 28.5% BB Co

    20. Emerging Bok’s Blue Bulls Players 23% BB Co

    21. S.A. Under 21Blue Bulls Players BB Co

    22. S.A. Under 19Blue Bulls Players BB Co

    23. Super 14 20% 26% 17% • Competitiveness • Availability of black players – extra franchise BB Co (Pty) Ltd and Falcon Rugby (Pty) Ltd

    24. Super 14 Black players in 2007 matches

    25. Percentage of Senior Black Players Contracted 21.1% 18.1% 22.9% 19.5% 16% 26% BB Co

    26. Percentage of Junior Black Players Contracted 20% 24.4% 25% 36.8% 51.3% 48.8% BB Co

    27. Achievements: Seniors BB Co

    28. Achievements: Seniors BB Co

    29. Achievements: Juniors BB Co

    30. Blue Bulls Fast Track Program

    31. Reasons for success on the fields • Best coaching team(s) – Continuity and consistency. • Professional rugby structures. • Talented players. • Player feeder structures (Player ID and Recruitment). • Top black players. • Create fast track opportunities for talented black players. • Professional environment. • Focus on the “TEAM” and the “total” player. • Facilities centralized at stadium – Fields, gym, pool, medical, rehabilitation and eatery. • Equipment. • Scientific programs. • Conditioning. • Medical – Rehabilitation and nutrition. • Technical and tactical. • Marketable rugby – Winning.

    32. Breakdown of Vodacom Bulls National Supporters Base Bulls Supporters: 2,017,000 Black Supporters:1,149,690 Research done by BMI BB Co

    33. Loftus Versfeld SpectatorAttendance BB Co

    34. Status – Way forward • Blue Bulls on field performance excellent. • Despite few black players –schools and clubs - in Blue Bulls jurisdiction area playing rugby. • Efficient senior recruitment is a short term solution to have adequate black players in our squads. • Effective rugby structures and fast track programs are medium term solutions to recruit enough players and as we align with SARU’S broad-based transformation process and charter, this will secure a sustainable province and brand for the future for the Blue Bulls. • Bulls black supporter base increased dramatically over past ten years. • Loftus Versfeld as soccer home base for PSL-Teams - Chiefs, Sundowns and Supersport changed perceptions regarding Pretoria, the Blue Bulls and Loftus Versfeld. • Communities must be increasingly exposed to the rugby.

    35. The Way Forward (continued) • The Blue Bulls will apply more resources on professional rugby and make money available to amateur rugby : • Financial • Volunteers • Coaches • Facilities • Referees • Medical, etc.. To increase access to the game BB Co

    36. Blue Bulls The Way Forward (continued) 1.Demographic representation. • Increase numbers of black players, coaching staff and management. 2. Access. • To establish opportunities high performance players, coaches, officials and management. 3. Skills development. • Enhance skill transfer, through: • Academy. • Rugby College. • Training coaching staff, officials and management. • Elite player projects. 4. Employment equity. – Levelling the playing grounds and create opportunities for coaching staff, officials and management 5. Preferential procurement. • Increase % procurement from empowered companies. 6. Social investment through community development –Inner City projects, emphasis schools mass and talented players. BB Co