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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

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10 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Here we have provided the most popular google chrome extensions to help the core areas of SEO for web designers and developers. These are the top extensions taken from the website design company in Wilmington to improve the local seo services. Get the topmost services through http://webwizardsusa.com/website-design/

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Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. Now Google Chrome has taken a dominant position as the world’s favorite desktop browser, and the extensions are easy to handle and beneficial for all kinds of works especially for designers and developers from web design company.

chrome extensions for a quick site review

Chrome extensions for a quick site review


The SimilarWeb extension is a great place to start with a quick site analysis. It provides a broader view of a website beyond just SEO, taking into account all traffic sources.

mozbar mozbar is the one tool helps for a quick


MozBar is the one tool helps for a quick SEO site review. Once a user is logged into their Moz community account, MozBar springs into action on websites and search engine results pages.


Impactana is a content marketing toolbar that offers the social media analysis you would expect, displaying share counts for each page on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, et al.

chrome extensions for technical seo

Chrome extensions for technical SEO

User agent switcher

User-agent switcher extension will give you the option to view web pages as they would appear on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. It’s an essential extension for developers, but it’s very useful for anyone conducting SEO analysis too.

scraper when we need to pull elements from


When we need to pull elements from a range of individual pages or websites for large-scale analysis, there are a few different ways of doing this, such as using IMPORTXML code to pull structured data from websites into Google Sheets or Excel.

The Scraper Chrome extension speeds up this process, using the XPath query language to export HTML data elements from a page, along with similar data from across the website.

meta seo inspector if we want to understand

META SEO Inspector

If we want to understand how a search engine crawls and indexes our websites, we need to get to grips with metadata. META SEO Inspector goes beyond the narrow, SEO-focused definition of metadata as the ‘meta’ tags defined within the HTML source code.

Tag Assistant

This Chrome extension from Google isn’t the most glamorous tool on our list, but it is one of the most useful.

tag assistant acts as a trouble shooter verifying

Tag Assistant acts as a trouble-shooter, verifying the installation of Google tags such as those used for Google Analytics and Remarketing.

Page Load Time

Speed is of the utmost importance as Google continues to prepare its mobile-first index. Page Load Time helps SEO keep an eye on this essential ranking factor, without being obtrusive in the way that other Chrome Extensions can be. Every time a page loads, it highlights the amount of time it took in seconds.

chrome extensions for on site content analysis

Chrome extensions for on-site content analysis

Page Analytics

Page Analytics Google extension allows you to view data from your Google Analytics account while you browse your website(s). Once a user is logged into GA, they can view metrics from their account in real time by opening the extension.

keywords everywhere keywords everywhere extension

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere extension displays approximate search volumes within results pages and it shouldn’t be used in isolation to conduct larger keyword research tasks, but it has enough handy features to make it a worthwhile addition.

Spark Content Optimizer

This extension is ideal for getting different teams to incorporate SEO into their daily routines.

chrome extensions for backlink analysis

Chrome extensions for backlink analysis

Link Research Tools

This toolbar from Link Research Tools overlays backlink data as users search and browse. It’s great for getting a quick look at a site’s backlink profile, although it does require a paid account to gain access to some of LRT’s more advanced features.

linkminer linkminer is probably the best chrome


LinkMiner is probably the best Chrome extension for identifying broken links. Once activated, it will highlight the number of outbound links on any page, highlighting in green those that are active, and in red those that are broken.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Majestic remains one of the heavyweight SEO software packages, and this Chrome extension provides much of its functionality without having to visit a separate URL.

buzzmarker buzzmarker extension from outreach


Buzzmarker extension from outreach platform BuzzStream aims to simplify the outreach process. It helps with prospecting, by highlighting key social media metrics on a potential partner’s website. It also makes it easier to bookmark influencers and add them to the main BuzzStream platform.



There are hundreds of SEO-themed extensions available but some much more useful than others. Here we have provided the most useful google chrome extensions used by best website design company in Wilmington that will make you effective at the core areas of SEO.