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Game Tech, Part II

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Game Tech, Part II. Agenda. Overview of Game Tech Program Outcomes Program Materials What’s needed? Using the materials Running the Program New Game Tech Digital Arts Festival Category. Game Tech Overview. Developed with support from the Todd Wagner Foundation

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Presentation Transcript
  • Overview of Game Tech
  • Program Outcomes
  • Program Materials
    • What’s needed?
    • Using the materials
  • Running the Program
  • New Game Tech Digital Arts Festival Category
game tech overview
Game Tech Overview
  • Developed with support from the Todd Wagner Foundation
  • Continuing support from AMD Changing the Game
  • Game Tech, Part I
    • Released in 2010
    • 2 Units: Game Design and Intro to Scratch
  • Game Tech, Part II
    • 2 Projects:
      • Recreate a game: Happy Squirrel, Super Avenger
      • Recreate a movie: Four Score and Seven Hoops Ago
game tech program outcomes
Game Tech Program Outcomes
  • After participating in Game Tech, Part I, members will:
    • Learn what a game is and how games work
    • Understand the game design process
      • Iterative Game Design Process
    • Be able to navigate the Scratch programming language and create simple programs in it.
  • After participating in Game Tech, Part II:
    • Understand how a computer program works
    • Understand computer programming concepts
      • Such as conditional statements (if…then), loops, variables, boolean logic (and, or, not)
  • Create a simple game in Scratch
finding the program
Finding the Program
  • Can be accessed through:
    • The Game Channel
    • The Club Tech page
  • All program materials and videos can be accessed through these pages.
program materials
Program Materials
  • The downloaded files from MCML contain materials for Game Tech Part I AND Part II.
  • Game Tech, Part I
    • Facilitator’s Guide
    • 1 File with 3 Posters
program materials gt part ii
Program Materials, GT Part II
  • Game Tech, Part II
    • 3 printed guides
      • Facilitator’s Guide
      • Member guide for the game (Happy Squirrel)
      • Member guide for the movie (Four Score)
    • 8 Videos
      • 1 Video: General Introduction to Scratch
      • 4 Videos: Super Avenger programming
      • 3 Videos: Four Score programming
program materials1
Program Materials
  • File Downloads
    • Super Avenger
      • Completed game (so members can play it)
      • Sprites with no scripts (for members to program)
    • Four Hoops
      • Completed movie (for members to watch)
      • Sprites with no scripts (for members to program)
  • Poster
using the program materials
Using the Program Materials
  • Choose the project to work on
    • The Super Avenger game is easier and takes less time to program
  • Print out the Member Guide for the project
    • Must be printed in COLOR!
    • 1 guide for each participant
      • Guides can be reused!
  • Copy project files to each computer
    • Make sure Scratch is installed
running the program
Running the Program
  • Familiarize your members with Scratch
    • Use Game Tech, Part I
    • Show Video #1
  • General outline
    • Show the appropriate video
    • Members complete the appropriate section of programming
running the program1
Running the Program
  • Some programming alternatives
    • Have the members works in groups of two to reproduce the game
      • Easier for members to keep track of where they are on the page
      • Make sure members rotate responsibilities
    • Group programming
      • Each member of the group works on a different section of the program
      • Members then work together to bring all the pieces together using “Import Project” or exporting the Sprite and dragging the exported file into a new Scratch project
      • Great for teaching how software is actually written today!
what s next
What’s Next?
  • New Game Tech Category in the Digital Arts Festival!
    • Debuting in the 2011-2012 DAF
    • Games must be written in Scratch
  • STEM Video Game Design Challenge
    • Create a game around a STEM theme
    • Great prizes including laptops and cash prizes
  • Watch for more information in Fall, 2011
  • Create 1 game and enter both contests!
  • Other Training Opportunities