What you need to know about kitesurfing in sri lanka
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Definitive Guide for Kalpitiya Kitesurfing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kaplitiya kitesurfing guides you on the correct path to become a professional kitesurfer: top notch equipment, kitesurf schools with skilled instructors, suitable courses, and perfect winds and waters.

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What you need to know about kitesurfing in sri lanka

What you need to know about Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Where to kitesurf in sri lanka
Where to Kitesurf in Sri Lanka

The town of Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka is blessed with a peninsula which makes it possible to provide a wonderful experience for thrilling water sports activities amongst panoramic beauty.

Best time to kitesurf
Best time to Kitesurf

Southwest monsoons occur from May – October, which is the best time for Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka. During this period, Kalpitiya experiences strong winds all day long, making it ideal for kitesurfing.

December – March is another good windy season for Kalpitiya due to the North-West monsoon.

Kitesurfing lessons in sri lanka
Kitesurfing Lessons in Sri Lanka

For those who do not have any past experience in kitesurfing, a full three day course is needed for beginners. These lessons can be taken at any kitesurfing school in Kalpitiya.

Discovery courses are also available for those who want to give it a shot and see if kitesurfing is a suitable sport for them to master.

Additional courses are available depending on the level of expertise you wish to reach in the sport of kitesurfing.

Best equipment leads to best experience

Best equipment leads to best experience

Although kitesurfing equipment is relatively expensive, you can get around 3-4 years of good use before you need to buy something new.

No matter how experienced you are at surfing, kitesurfing in Sri Lanka requires lessons at a kite school in order for you to understand how to control the powerful kites and be aware of what to do if anything goes wrong.

Beginner s kit
Beginner’s Kit

This kit is suitable to help you stay upright during riding and for teaching the basics of kite skills and wind conditions. It is not necessary to purchase kits for this stage, as you will outgrow it in a few weeks.

Definitive guide for kalpitiya kitesurfing

Ideally, one should purchase kites that will transition you from beginner to intermediary kitesurfer.

KITES from beginner to intermediary

  • Depowering

    When selecting kites, be sure to look for one with excellent depower. Depowering involves decreasing the speed of your kite by using the kite lines to let go of pressure.

    Bow kites (full depower) and Hybrid (high depower) kites are a good option.

  • Wind speed

    If kitesurfing in varying wind conditions, purchasing two kites is advisable

  • Rider’s weight

    Heavier riders need larger sized kites.

  • Purchasing second hand kites

    There is no harm in doing so but make sure that the bar is the same brand as the kite due to safety reasons.

BOARD from beginner to intermediary

  • Twin-trip / Freestyle board

    Ideal for beginners who are transitioning to intermediaries. Easy to get up on, manoeuvre, and can be used to ride two ways without turning the board around.

  • After mastering the basics and transitioning to expert/professional level, choose any board depending on your height, weight and the types of waves that you will be riding on.

Best kitesurfing spots in kalpitiya
Best Kitesurfing spots in Kalpitiya from beginner to intermediary

There two main kitesurfing spots for beginners and professionals in Kalpitiya and are suitable for those looking for flat water, freerides, and free style.

Kalpitiya Lagoon

Kappaladi Lagoon

Kitesurfing excursions in kalpitiya
Kitesurfing excursions in Kalpitiya from beginner to intermediary

  • At Bar Reef Resort you can indulge in a kitesurfing safari that is customized to your preference and skill level.

  • You could enjoy:

    • a short speed ride on flat water

    • a wave riding excursion

    • an excursion of island hopping to explore the beautiful islands around the lagoon.

Kitesurfing excursions in kalpitiya1
Kitesurfing excursions in Kalpitiya from beginner to intermediary

There are several excursion spots such as ‘Dream Spot’ and ‘Vella’ which are ideal for the experienced kiters to enjoy the sport. These spots are positioned at perfect angles against the wind, thereby creating exclusive conditions for kitesurfing.

For free style, free ride and wave riding, the ‘Donkey Spot’ is popular because it has cleaner waves and allows riders to sharpen their skills in an easy manner.

Enjoy a kitesurfing vacation in kalpitiya sri lanka

Child Friendly atmosphere from beginner to intermediary

You do not have to worry about whether or not it is safe to bring your children along for this kitesurfing vacation.

Rental equipment for Kitesurfing

Around the area there are several shops that rent out kitesurfing equipment on an hourly basis.

Enjoy a kitesurfing vacation in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing Schools

A wide range of kitesrufing schools are available for you to get started with kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Extra-curricular Activities

Wilpattu National Park: wildlife safari.

Explore remnants of the colonial past by visiting the cultural triangle: Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa (neighbouring towns)


Whether you want the most luxurious or the most budgeted accommodation, Kalpitiya has it all.

Specialities of kitesurfing in kalpitiya
Specialities of kitesurfing in Kalpitiya from beginner to intermediary

Wide variety of kitesurfing spots ranging from flat waters to wavy waters

Highest number of windy days compared to the rest of Sri Lanka

Availability of kitesurfing schools with IKO certified instructors

Caters to beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers

Several kitesurfing excursion opportunities

Availability of premium kitesurfing equipment for purchasing and renting

Definitive guide for kalpitiya kitesurfing

If you’re looking to from beginner to intermediary kitesurf, Sri Lanka is an excellent option for you, with great equipment, schools and kitesurf locations such as Bar Reef in Kalpitiya.

Definitive guide for kalpitiya kitesurfing

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