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Washoe County School District PowerPoint Presentation
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Washoe County School District

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Washoe County School District - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Washoe County School District. Strategic Plan Zone Staff Update. Our Call to Action . Reasons for Reform Our Vision Our Goals Pathway to Excellence How Will We Be Held Accountable What is Envision WCSD 2015. Pathway Performance Targets. Pathway Foundational Support Targets.

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Washoe County School District

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Washoe County School District

Strategic PlanZone Staff Update

our call to action
Our Call to Action
  • Reasons for Reform
  • Our Vision
  • Our Goals
  • Pathway to Excellence
  • How Will We Be Held Accountable
  • What is Envision WCSD 2015
strategic goals
Strategic Goals

Goal 1

Provide Continuous Academic Success for Every Student

Goal 2

Recruit and Support Highly Effective Personnel

Goal 3

Engage Families and Community Partners

Goal 4

Value and Strengthen a Positive, Self-Renewing Culture

Goal 5

Align Performance Management Systems

goal 1 academic success
Goal 1 Academic Success
  • Objective 1.1Provide Rigorous, Relevant Curriculum
  • Objective 1.2Deliver High-Quality Differentiated Instruction
  • Objective 1.3Administer and Evaluate Valid Assessment Data to Guide Instruction

Envision 2015 includes:

  • Adoption of Common Core State Standards
  • Implementation of a Rigorous K-12 Curriculum
  • Expanded Pre-K and Full-day K Opportunities
  • Expansion of Gifted and Signature Programs (e.g. STEM, IB, World Language)
  • Credit Recovery Programs
  • Aligned Diagnostic and Adaptive Assessments
s trategies

1.1.6. More opportunities will be provided for students to participate in rigorous, relevant curriculum and enrichment programs (e.g., SIG schools), high school academy / signature programs, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Schools, and World Languages Academies, dual credit and advanced placement (AP) / International Baccalaureate (IB) Schools).


(SYs 2010-2015)


*Primary Office/ Department

Academic Office*


Increase in the number of STEM, IB and other signature programs

s trategies1

1.3.3. Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) and Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) will measure student growth and provide data to target instructional supports and student intervention and/or enrichment opportunities.


(SY 2010-11, SY 2011-2012)


*Primary Office/ Department

Accountability Office*


Percentage of schools successfully implementing new assessments

goal 2 highly effective personnel
Goal 2 Highly Effective Personnel
  • Objective 2.1Attract, Recruit, and Hire the Most Qualified Personnel
  • Objective 2.2Provide Quality Training and Professional Development
  • Objective 2.3Motivate and Retain High-Performing Employees
  • Objective 2.4 Revise and Use New Personnel Evaluation Tools

Envision 2015 includes:

  • Prescreened Pools of High Quality Principal and Teacher Candidates
  • New Evaluation Systems Based on National Board Certification Standards
  • Having Effective Professional Learning Communities in Every School
  • Targeted Professional Development to Increase Instructional Capacity
  • Creation of Incentive Compensation Plans
goal 3 families and community
Goal 3 Families and Community
  • Objective 3.1Improve Internal and External District Communications Systems
  • Objective 3.2Increase Meaningful Parent Involvement and Family Engagement Initiatives
  • Objective 3.3Strengthen Strategic Community Partnerships

Envision 2015 includes:

  • Increasing and Evaluating Families and Community Initiatives
  • Creating a Parent University That Will Provide Training and Workshops
  • Strengthening Two-Way Communications with Parents
  • Having at Least One Business Partnership on Every School
  • Collaborating with Higher Ed. Institutions to Increase and Improve Alignment
goal 4 self renewing culture
Goal 4 Self-Renewing Culture
  • Objective 4.1Ensure Safe and Orderly Schools and Collaborative Relationships
  • Objective 4.2Establish Self-Renewing Culture of Continuous Improvement and Innovation
  • Objective 4.3 Develop Diverse, Inclusive Culture

Envision 2015 includes:

  • Increase of Positive Behavior Support programs
  • Adoption of a New National Counseling Model That is More Student Focused
  • Providing a Safe Environment in Every School
  • Cultural Competency Training and Promotion of Inclusiveness
goal 5 performance management systems
Goal 5 Performance Management Systems
  • Objective 5.1Implement a System of Performance Management
  • Objective 5.2Create New Organizational Structures for Serving Schools
  • Objective 5.3Develop Individual Department/Office Service Plans of Action
  • Objective 5.4 Review and Revise School Improvement Plans and Schedules

Envision 2015 includes:

  • Dashboards and Scorecards for Every School
  • School Management Structure with Performance Zones & Differentiated Supports
  • Aligned School Improvement Plans and Departmental Plans with KPIs
  • Improved Internal Communications Systems
next steps
Next Steps
  • Creation of department plans
  • Creation of school improvement plans
  • Creation of project / action plans