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EMERGENCY. Stav nouze. Defining an emergency. An emergency is a situation which poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment. pose – představovat immediate – bezprostřední, přímý. Defining an emergency.

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Stav nouze

defining an emergency
Defining an emergency
  • An emergency is a situation which poses an immediate risk to health, life, property or environment.

pose – představovat

immediate – bezprostřední, přímý

defining an emergency1
Defining an emergency
  • Most emergencies require urgent intervention to prevent a worsening of the situation.
emergency service
Emergency service
  • Most developed countries have a number of emergency services operating within them, whose purpose is to provide assistance in dealing with any emergency which may occur.
emergency service1
Emergency service
  • They are often government operated, paid for from tax revenue as a public service, but in some cases, they may be private companies, responding to emergencies in return for payment, or they may be voluntary organizations, providing the assistance from funds raised from donations.
emergency service2
Emergency service
  • Most developed countries operate three core emergency services which are:
    • Police
    • Fire service
    • Emergency medical service
  • who deal with security of person and property, which can cover all three categories of emergency. They may also deal with punishment of those who cause an emergency through their actions.
fire service
Fire service
  • who deal with potentially harmful fires, but also often rescue operations such as dealing with road traffic collisions. Their actions help to prevent loss of life, damage to health and damage to or loss of property.
emergency medical service
Emergency medical service
  • These services attempt to reduce loss of life or damage to health. An Emergency medical service is a service providing out-of-hospital acute care and transport to definitive care.
          • definitive – konečný
managing an emergency
Managing an emergency
  • There are many protocols which the emergency services use in dealing with an emergency, which usually start with planning before an emergency occurs.
natural disasters
Natural disasters

Earthquake – zemětřesení

Blizzard – sněhová bouře

Avalanche – lavina

Gale – vychřice

Hurricane – hurikán

Tornado - tornádo

Volcanic eruption- výbuch sopky

Flood - povodeň

Landslide - sesuv půdy

Drought - sucho

life saving equipment
Life-saving equipment

Life jacket – záchranná vesta

Lifeboat - záchranný člun

Lifebelt - záchranný kruh

Emergency brake – záchranná brzda

First-aid kit - lékárnička

Oxygen mask - kyslíková maska

Stretcher - nosítka

first aid
First aid

Casualty – zraněný člověk

Wound - rána

Injury - zraněný

Unconscious - v bezvědomí

Heart attack - infarkt

Frostbite - omrzlina

Burn - popálenina

Scald - opařenina

Internal bleeding – vnitřní krvácení

first aid1
First aid

Fracture – zlomenina

Sweating - pocení

Rapid and weak pulse – rychlý a slabý pulz

Nausea - nutkání ke zvracení

Vomiting - zvracení

Rescue breathing – umělé dýchání

Chest compression – masáž srdce

Recovery position – stabilizovaná poloha

first aid2
First aid

Call the fire department!

Call for an ambulance!

Get a doctor!

Where is the nearest police station?

There has been an accident.

There are some injuries.

There are no serious injuries.

Ambulances will take the injured to the nearest hospital.

We are missing several people.

The government has declared a state of emergency.

They were eventually (nakonec) rescued by helicopter.

first aid3
First aid

Does this hurt?

Can you feel any pain?

Is she breathing?

She is unconscious and her breathing and pulse have stopped.

Clean and dress the wound immediately.

Don’t bandage the wound too tightly.

Check for signs of bleeding.

It is vitally important not to move a person with serious neck or back injuries.

Hold burn injury under cold water for ten minutes and apply a non-stick dressing.