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Senior English

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Prepare for class by… Taking your seat Begin working on your warm up immediately (4 th —right after announcements). Warm Up: Read the quotes below. Explain what they mean in a paragraph. Be ready to share your interpretation.

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senior english

Prepare for class by…

  • Taking your seat
  • Begin working on your warm up immediately (4th—right after announcements)

Warm Up:

Read the quotes below. Explain what they mean in a paragraph. Be ready to share your interpretation.


-“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” Mark Twain

-“Until lions tell their stories, tales of hunting will glorify the hunter.” African proverb

Senior English

Unit Four:

Hamlet and Critical Schools

  • Agenda:
  • Warm Up
  • What is unit four?
  • “House”
  • Brave New World
  • Psychoanalytical Lens
  • Brave New World Analysis

March 23,


  • Objectives
  • Students will gain a basic understanding of the psychoanalytic critical lens and be able to begin analyzing text through that lens
  • Homework: Position Paper (final) due Monday, March 31st.
house lens
Pick out the FOUR most important details.
  • Bullet point them beneath your warm up
  • Be sure to read the directions before you begin bullet pointing
“House”: Lens
brave new world
Brave New World
  • Journal…
    • What is the meaning of this text? What is the author’s message?
psychoanalytic criticism
Psychoanalytic Criticism
  • Psychoanalytical criticism seeks to explore literature by examining:
    • how human mental and psychological development occurs
    • how the human mind works
    • the root causes of psychological problems
psychoanalytic criticism1
Psychoanalytic Criticism
  • This information can be used to analyze literature using two different approaches:
    • Psychoanalysis of the author
    • Psychoanalysis of the character(s)
freudian criticism
Freudian Criticism
  • Based on the work of Sigmund Freud (1856–1939).
  • Earliest application focused on the text as a window into the psyche of the author
  • Later applied to character analysis—analysis of the character’s psyche
  • Totality of human mind:
    • Conscious and unconscious
  • Psyche (conscious and unconscious) is comprised of the forces that together influence thought, behavior,and personality (the soul)
  • Most of our mental process happens below the surface of consciousness—the unconscious
  • Any mental process we are not aware of, that we have to assume exists because of its effects
  • Two kinds: preconscious (transformed into conscious material easily) and unconscious (never be aware of)
  • Entirely unconscious (repressed due to social taboo placed on sex)
  • Reservoir of libido (sexual energy)
        • Dominate by pleasure principal
        • Id knows no values, no good, and evil, no morality. It is lawless, asocial, amoral. Unchecked, it would lead us to any lengths—to destruction and even self-destruction to satisfy its impulses for pleasure. In religion, known as the devil, Freud attributed it not to an outside force, but to the id within us.
  • Only small portions are conscious
  • Regulation agency. Protects society
  • Dominated by morality principle
  • Largely unconscious
  • Acting either directly or through the ego, the superego serves to repress or inhibit the drives of the id, to block off and thrust back into the unconscious those impulses toward pleasure that society regards as unacceptable…
  • If id makes us devils, superego makes us angels or creatures of absolute social conformity
  • Only small portions are conscious
  • Regulating agency. Protects the individual from id.
  • Dominated by reality principal
  • Intermediary between the world within and the world without
  • Ego keeps us healthy—not too passionate and chaotic, not too rule following and conformists. This is the balance that Freud advocates, not the complete removal of inhibiting factors.
brave new world1
Brave New World
  • Table Talk:
    • Where in our excerpt from BNW can we see the id, the superego, and the ego?
    • What is the message if we read through a Psychoanalytic lens?
mythological archetypal
Mythological/ Archetypal
  • Homework: Read “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson by tomorrow (be prepared for a reading quiz)