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Arthurian Legend

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Arthurian Legend
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  1. Arthurian Legend Mr. Newsome Pikeville HS Sophomore English

  2. The Literature of Romance • During the Middle Ages, the new literary form of the romance developed • Originated in France and spread through Europe • Called romances because first written in the Romance languages of Old French and Provencal • Romances- popular narratives about adventures of knights and heroes • Told by wandering minstrels called troubadours • Celebrated the ideals of chivalry, the code of a knight that advocated bravery, loyalty, piety, and honesty

  3. Hero’s Quest • Romance is an ideal world of exaggeration where good always triumphs over evil • Plot of a romance involves a hero’s quest • A long, perilous journey in search of something • Kingdom, Maiden, Treasure, etc. • May involve magical or supernatural events • Quest is a struggle between good and evil • It is a journey into and out of the evil side of human nature • Look for this theme in the Grail quest

  4. Will the Real Arthur Please Stand Up? Please Stand Up… Please Stand Up… • Arthur was probably a Celtic warlord of the 6th century • He fought against the Saxon invaders of England • Said to have been fatally wounded at the Battle of Camlan and buried in the abbey of Glastonbury • By 12th century, Arthur had been added to and had become a national hero

  5. Arthur in Literature • Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of Britain (1137) hails Arthur as master of a European empire • German legends grew up around Parsifal • He glimpsed the Holy Grail • Legend of Tristan and Isolde developed too • Adulterous lovers in Celtic legend

  6. Thomas Malory • Malory was a 15th century knight and soldier who spent many years in prison • While in prison, he yearned for the simpler days of chivalry • In his Morte Darthur, he wrote down many of the heroic tales surrounding King Arthur

  7. Arthur Lives… • Many famous works of popular culture based on the Arthurian legend • Tennyson’s Idylls of the King • T.H. White’s The Once and Future King • Lerner and Loewe’s musical Camelot • Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

  8. Major Players in the Arthur Legends • King Arthur • King who ruled his great realm of Camelot • Guinevere • Wife of King Arthur who partly causes the downfall of Camelot • What might this echo? • Merlin • Arthur’s advisor and magician • Modred • Sometimes said to be Arthur’s son and sometimes his nephew; he kills Arthur at the Battle of Camlan

  9. Credits • Thomas Malory image taken from: • • Idylls of the King image taken from: • • Once and Future King image taken from: • • Camelot image taken from: • • Sword and the Stone image taken from: •'s%20Web%20stuff/The%20sword%20and%20the%20stone.JPG • All other images taken from Microsoft ClipArt Gallery