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Ron van Herk Founder and CTO, AHT International BV PowerPoint Presentation
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Ron van Herk Founder and CTO, AHT International BV

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Ron van Herk Founder and CTO, AHT International BV - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The P2P Television Revolution The shape of things to come - but it's coming sooner than many would expect!

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The P2P Television Revolution

The shape of things to come - but it's coming sooner than many would expect!

“Introducing the evolution of P2P technology and modern set-top box hardware into a new way of experiencing television, by using revolutionary P2P-based live and on-demand streaming technology, and 100% secure content protection technology, to bring the viewer what, when and how he/she wants content, whilst keeping a healthy commercial business model.”

Ron van Herk

Founder and CTO, AHT International BV


The Company - Mission

Advanced Home Technologies

Advanced Home Technology was founded to provide unique multi-media solutions, based on Secure Peer-to-Peer (P2P) technology, for the benefit of ISPs, content providers, operators, content delivery networks and home users.

AHT International

Satijnbloem 57

3068 JP Rotterdam

The Netherlands

AHT of North America

347 5th Avenue

New York, NY 10016


AHT was founded in 2004


The Company – Win-Win solutions

A Win-Win for all concerned parties:

Innovative multimedia products based on Secure P2P and Open Platform technologies

Viewers can decide “what”, “when” and “how” to view programming

Content owners, ISPs, and Telcos can deliver high resolution, full-screen programs and offer additional services over IP without the high cost of bandwidth and servers 

Reduced Costs + Increased Revenue


Products – Conditional Control


AHT’s patented conditional control software system.

AHT can supply complete end-to-end software and hardware solutions for Secure P2P content distribution (VOD, NVOD, LIVE streaming)

NuvioXS can:

Protect LIVE streams over IP, both P2P and client/server streaming

Protect locally stored content that isdistributed over P2P

Monitor viewer behavior and provideaccurate management information


Products – Allsii Media Suite

Advanced Home Technologies’ Consumer Brand:

With Allsii, you see it all!


Products – Allsii Set Top Boxes

Allsii Set-top box product line ranges from IP-only to high end hybrid boxes

Ariana Media Center

DVB tunersDVRHDTVIPAllsii Media SuiteLinux Desktop

Introduction atCES 2008 (ST Booth)

Allsii AS1(HDTV/X-Tend)

Media playerHDTVAllsii Media Suite


Modular DVB tunersDVRDVD rewriterHDTVIPHardware VoIPRouterWireless access point(802.11B/G/N)Allsii Media SuiteLinux Desktop


Products – Allsii Media Suite

  • Allsii – “See it all”
    • “Heart” of all Allsii STB products
    • TV: Web, Terrestrial, Cable, Satellite, P2PTV
    • Webradio
    • Interactivity: e-Learning, Games, Live Discussions
    • Tribler streaming (P2P IPTV) and File Exchange
    • Media Player, PVR
    • Communities, VoIP, Video Chats
    • Web browsing, Emails
    • Domotica

Products – Allsii P2P

  • Allsii Media Suite incorporates Tribler. Tribler was developed by the TU Delft University of Technology and is based on the BitTorrent protocol.
  • Tribler, which is running on AHT hardware, is used for:
  • P2P File sharing
  • P2P Live TV streaming
  • P2P On-demand streaming
  • Tribler is "Social" software, which means that within Tribler you can meet your friends and taste-buddies, it makes recommendations and incorporates trusted users and communities.

Products – Developer Platform

The Tribbox is a new generation IPTV set-top box

The Tribbox is based on STMicroelectronics’ ST7109 HDTV single chip H264 decoder, embedding a real time Linux OS

Open Source - technology is available for anyone to experiment with, and to customize and derive new products

Tribbox runs Linux and is delivered with all documentation, programming guides and development software, as well as a Linux desktop distribution with many sample programs.


Products – Allsii Media Suite

AHT Solutions offer a Win-Win for all!


CES 2008

January 7th -10th

Four Seasons Hotel, Acacia Ballroom


Thank you!