Sexual vs asexual reproduction
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Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction. By: Brianna Shields October 19, 2004. DO NOW- Hwk on desk!. 1. Which cell part is green, found only in plants and is the site of photosynthesis? 2. Which cell part acts as the cleanup crew, recycling old cell parts?

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Sexual vs asexual reproduction

Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction


Brianna Shields

October 19, 2004

Do now hwk on desk
DO NOW- Hwk on desk!

  • 1. Which cell part is green, found only in plants and is the site of photosynthesis?

  • 2. Which cell part acts as the cleanup crew, recycling old cell parts?

  • 3. Which cell part is found in both animal and plant cells and produces the energy for the cell?


  • Please clear everything except your homework off of your desk

  • We will go over it together

  • It is your responsibility to make the corrections

Sexual vs asexual reproduction

  • To compare forms of sexual and asexual reproduction

  • To understand the process of mitosis

Sexual reproduction

Sexual Reproduction

1. 2 parents

2. Sex cells: sperm and egg

3. Sperm and egg join= fertilization

4. Offspring look different from parent (mixed DNA)

Sexual Reproduction

Sexual reproduction1

Sexual Reproduction

5. Examples

Humans, some plants, mammals, fish, reptiles, etc.

Sexual Reproduction

Asexual reproduction

Asexual Reproduction

1. One parent

2. No sex cells

3. Offspring produced by cell division

4. Offspring identical to parent (same DNA)

5. Several types in plants and animals

Asexual Reproduction

Types of asexual reproduction

Binary Fission

1. Organism divides in half

2. 2 identical daughter cells produced

3. Daughter cells are half the parent’s size

4. Daughter cells grow, then divide too

5. In bacteria

Types of Asexual Reproduction

Types of asexual reproduction1


1. Small bud grows out of parent cell

2. Two different sized cells made (with identical DNA)

3. Bud breaks off and grows

4. In yeast and hydra

Types of Asexual Reproduction

Types of asexual reproduction2


1. Repair/ grow lost body parts

2. Left over cells divide to make more cells

3. Lobsters, starfish, lizards

Types of Asexual Reproduction



1. Cell division

2. Causes multicellular organisms to grow (even in humans)

3. Cells are identical to parent cells (same DNA)



Phase 1- Interphase

Chromosomes copied

Cell resting

Threadlike chromatin (DNA ball)



Phase 2- Prophase

Mitosis begins

Chromosomes are rodlike pairs

Centrioles move to poles

Spindle fibers connect centrioles



Phase 3- Metaphase

Chromosomes attach to spindle fibers

They line up in middle of cell



Phase 4- Anaphase

Sister chromatids pull apart

One sister of each pair goes to opposite ends of the cell



Phase 5- Telophase

2 new nuclei form

Chromosomes are in a ball again (chromatin)



Phase 6- Cytokinesis

Cytoplasm pinches in to form 2 new identical daughter cells