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Preparing Your Self Study PowerPoint Presentation
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Preparing Your Self Study

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Preparing Your Self Study
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Preparing Your Self Study

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  1. Preparing Your Self Study

  2. OBJECTIVE To Provide A Better Understanding of the Self Study Process and Requirements • Institutional Self-Review • Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP)– An on-going process • Self-Study • Review by Peers • On-Site Visit – Validate information in the Self Study • Team Report • Intermediate Review Committee (IRC )and Council Review

  3. ACCREDITATION PROCESS Self-Study Purpose • Identifies Areas for Improvement • Documents Activities related to criteria • Foundation for Visiting Team to Evaluate/Validate the Institution’s Compliance with the Accreditation Criteria

  4. SELF STUDY • Self Evaluation of school operations • Considered the most important part of the process • Requires involvement of administration, staff AND faculty • Also serves as a planning vehicle for improvement of school services

  5. SELF STUDY The submitted documents along with the school visit are what the visiting team base their report on for the school. It is only a snap shot in time, the team does not have the ability to see the day to day hard work that goes on at the campus, therefore, meticulous detail and professional presentation are very important.

  6. ACICS SUGGESTIONS • Ensure Appropriate Staff appointed to Lead/Direct Self Study • Involve: • Faculty • Administration, • Governing Board • Student and Graduate Representatives • Coordinating Committee: make suggestions and edit final report • Subcommittees: prepare specific sections of the self-study • Adopt reasonable time schedule and enforce it. • Limit narrative to 100 pages in length. • Exhibits ONLY if they are essential to the team's review and preparation prior to the visit and shall be at the end of narrative. • Information that can be reviewed during the visit should be provided in the team meeting room.

  7. PROJECT TOOLS Use an Excel Workbook Guide to assist in the completion of the self-study and preparation phase for your accreditation visit. • Sample Project Chart • Additional Items to Consider Chart Each institution is unique and may find alternative routes to get them to the same end point, use what information you feel will benefit your campus.

  8. Faculty & Staff • Ideas to involve faculty • General Education Faculty – proof read and critique final • Core Faculty – address specific areas of expertise – for example - curriculum committee members address curriculum questions, etc. • Getting Staff involved in process/ educating the team • Games such as Jeopardy / Who Wants to be a Millionaire? • Lunch & Learn – Town Hall Meeting • ACICS Trivia Challenge



  11. SELF STUDY TEMPLATE • Always cross check the Date Last Updated to assure ACICS has not updated their Self Study since the release.

  12. CONCLUSION – Best Practices • Always have a copy of the Self Study and Accreditation Criteria • Set up a meeting schedule • An initial meeting to discuss the project and assign tasks. • Set up follow-up meetings to answer questions and ensure action is being taken to complete the project. • Upon completion, submit to Regulatory Operations for review prior to ACICS Submission