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  • Uploaded on Based on the video, what do you think the lesson outcome for today?. EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS. UHL 2432 SEMESTER I, 2013/2014. 18 th September 2013. Learning outcome. By the end of this lesson, students should be able to

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Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

Based on the video, what do you think the lesson outcome for today?

Effective presentation skills


UHL 2432

SEMESTER I, 2013/2014

18th September 2013

Learning outcome
Learning outcome

By the end of this lesson,

students should be able to

deliver effective presentation.

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

What is in your mind when you hear

‘effective presentation’?

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

Rating a presentation

5- Excellent – 1- Extremely poor

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

What are the key factors

to ensure effective presentations?

Work in a team of three (3).

Search the Internet for someone giving a presentation on any topics.

Comment on the presentation based on the presentation rubrics you may find from the ‘Unit 1 Job Search Skills’ page.

Complete this task in 20minutes.

Present the findings to the class.

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

A. Preparing a presentation

Consider :

  • Purpose

  • Audience


  • Brainstorm the topic

  • Research the topic

  • Organize the materials into a presentation outline

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

B. Organising the content


  • Attention-getter

  • State the purpose of the presentation

  • Provide an outline of the presentation


  • Main point 1, and supporting details

  • Main point 2, and supporting details


  • Summary of main points

  • Memorable closing

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

C. Mind your language

  • Accuracy

  • Suitable vocabulary

  • Clear pronunciation

    D. Delivering the presentation

  • Talk to the audience - do not read to them

  • Use voice to communicate clearly

  • Use your body to communicate

  • Maintain eye contact

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

E. Using visual aids

  • PowerPoint

  • Handouts

  • Using the whiteboard (or blackboard)

    * Check out the facilities prior to the presentation *

Youtube watch v bvrpbjtzbam

F. Dealing with nervousness

  • Smile

  • Breathe deeply

  • Be well-prepared

  • Be organised

    * Accomplished public speakers feel nervous before and even during a talk. The skill comes in not communicating your nervousness, and in not letting it take over from the presentation. Over time, you will feel less nervous, and well able to control your nervousness *