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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Recovery from an alcohol addiction is not a day’s affair; it needs time, perseverance and a holistic treatment program with a licensed and qualified alcohol treatment center in Florida. A comprehensive treatment for alcohol addiction combines medically-assisted detox along with therapies under the care of a health care professional. At the Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline, our team of professionals can help you find the best alcohol treatment centers in Florida and help you start your path toward recovery.

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Alcohol Rehab Centers in Florida

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    1. Florida Alcohol AddictionHelpline Call Our 24/7 Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline (866) 220-5381 And Take Control Of Your Life!

    2. Holiday Heart Syndrome-How Alcohol Ups The Risk Holidays are the time when people tend to indulge in parties and social get-togethers, and no event is complete without an excess of food and drinks. This is the reason why alcoholic drinks are a common part of holiday traditions, especially in the American culture. Thus, when drinking becomes the only purpose of any social event, it could be the sign of a serious problem. Not many people know that an indulgence in alcohol can be the root cause of a heart rhythm disorder known as atrial fibrillation. Commonly known as holiday heart syndrome (HHS), the condition is characterized by an abnormal heart rhythm, often triggered by excessive drinking or binge drinking. Even a person with or without a prior history of heart rhythm problems can experience HHS, after drinking too much of alcohol in a short timeframe.

    3. HHS, A Life-Threatening Condition HHS was first described by Dr. Philip Ettinger in 1978 as an association between the ingestion of excessive amount of alcohol and the onset of cardiac arrhythmias. Interestingly, the condition was found to occur frequently after weekends or public holidays, during which people consumed alcohol the most. However, HHS nowadays can also occur due to factors such as caffeine and an over-consumption of fatty meals filled with salt, apart from stress associated with the most important festivals, such as Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and the New Year’s Eve. HHS can be serious when the patient starts experiencing heart attack-like symptoms, such as severe chest pain. It so happens that the excessive or heavy drinking causes the heart to beat irregularly, which in turn makes the user feel breathless. This further affects the blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attack and may even lead to death.

    4. HHS, A Life-Threatening Condition The condition of HHS is commonly accompanied by atrial fibrillation (AF), in which the top chambers of the heart beat faster and in an irregular manner, causing palpitations, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, fatigue as well as chest pain. When consumed excessively, alcohol may short circuit the electrical system of the heart and even alter the electrolyte levels in the blood. As a result, excessive quantities of stress hormone (adrenaline and cortisol) are released into the blood, leading to AF. Notably, AF can be serious and can lead to stroke in high-risk patients. Call Our 24/7 Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline (866) 220-5381

    5. Alcohol And Heart Heart diseases are not uncommon in alcoholics. According to a recent study, conducted by American College of Cardiology, alcohol abuse is responsible for an increased risk for various heart ailments, such as atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure and heart attack. Excessive alcohol is directly linked with high blood pleasure, which is one of the key reasons for heart attack or stroke. Further, alcohol consumption is also associated with weight gain, which also increases the risk for various heart diseases. Drinking large amounts of alcohol disrupts the functioning of the heart by weakening its muscles, leading to cardiomyopathy, which can be life-threatening.

    6. Fighting Alcohol Addiction Many people hooked on alcohol do not realize that post reclaiming sobriety, they might become a completely different person. Treatment for addiction to alcohol requires detoxification as the first step. Detox therapy under proper medical supervision prevents sudden withdrawal symptoms, relapse or any other severe consequences. If you or someone you know is addicted to alcohol, contact the Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline for assistance and guidance on alcohol addiction treatment in Florida. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-220-5381 to know more about alcohol rehab centers in Florida. Call Our 24/7 Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline (866) 220-5381

    7. Contact US info@floridaalcoholaddictionhelpline.com www.floridaalcoholaddictionhelpline.com Call Our 24/7 Florida Alcohol Addiction Helpline (866) 220-5381