welcome to year 6 n.
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Welcome to Year 6!

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Welcome to Year 6! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Year 6!. Staff your children will meet: Mrs Savory – Group Teacher Maths Mrs Muncer / Mrs Pillinger – Class 7 Teachers Miss Roberts – Class 8 Teacher Mrs Eve – PPA cover Mrs Terry & Mrs Moore – Teaching Assistants Mrs Adams – SMSA. Maths.

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Welcome to Year 6!

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welcome to year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

Staff your children will meet:

Mrs Savory – Group Teacher Maths

Mrs Muncer / Mrs Pillinger – Class 7 Teachers

Miss Roberts – Class 8 Teacher

Mrs Eve – PPA cover

Mrs Terry & Mrs Moore – Teaching Assistants

Mrs Adams – SMSA


The New National Curriculum objectives will be taught to your child, alongside the old curriculum objectives. This is because the SAT tests will be still based on the old curriculum this year.

Maths is now divided into three broad areas:

  • Number
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Data

All of the above areas will include opportunities to use and apply this knowledge.

This all builds on their learning in Year 5, and aims to consolidate and take them further.

  • Literacy in Years 5 and 6 will now be taught in classes. This allows us to link more areas of learning and provide an engaging topic based approach. Some areas, such as spelling, may be taught in ability groups.
  • Writing will still be developed through Talk For Writing units, experience of a range of genres alongside skills work based on grammar and sentence level activities.
  • Spellings will be tested weekly and will include discrete spelling rules, phonics and phonemes and etymology.


The children will regularly read within a Guided Reading group. Guided Reading sessions provide the opportunity for children to read and discuss texts.

In Literacy groups, children will also learn how to form written responses to questions about various text types.

Reading at Home

It is vital that all children read regularly at home and have the opportunity to discuss the text with an adult. Children earn a dolphin point for reading at least three times a week!

  • Maths – marked externally
  • SPAG – marked externally
  • Reading Comprehension – marked externally
  • Writing – based on Teacher Assessments throughout the year – will be moderated
  • Whole year’s planning is designed to support the children to achieve as highly as they can without causing them undue stress.
  • National Test dates are in May 2015
  • Teachers also make a summative assessment which is given to secondary schools, alongside SAT results.
  • During the afternoons the children will study a range of subjects including History, Geography, Science, ICT, P.E., Music, Art, RE and French. Often these subjects will link with learning in Literacy.
  • Our main topics this year are WW2 including a local study, the Mayans, Living Things, Mountains and Transition.
  • Sometimes we will have themed weeks or days including our DT projects, Book Week and Science Day.
  • Science this year will continue to develop knowledge and understanding through investigating, researching and explaining and applying scientific concepts.
  • As much as possible, we will link science work to the topics we are covering through the year.
  • New curriculum compulsory in September 2014
  • This year, the children do not have homework diaries or books. All homework will be completed on sheets and the children will have the task explained to them in class.
  • Your child will be given a homework project each term. This encourages the children to become independent learners and develop their research skills, as well as allowing them to have ownership over their learning journey.
  • In addition to homework projects, the children will be given two Numeracy tasks for homework each week and one piece of word level work.
  • As we are trying to prepare your children for the homework demands of secondary school, if they don’t hand in homework they will lose 2 dolphins, but have the chance to earn one back if they complete it in break times.
  • How you can help: there will be a bank of useful websites available soon on the school website.
  • P.E. kits need to be in school at all times.
  • General classroom equipment – no need for 2/3 pencil cases!
  • Art shirts
  • Water bottles – fill in morning, playtime, lunchtime only
  • Mobile phones – permission slips from office
  • Coats!
year 6 experiences
Year 6 Experiences
  • Christmas concert
  • End of year production
  • SRE and Changes – after Half Term
  • Activities week / Barton Hall
  • Role Models!
trips and the broader curriculum
Trips and the broader curriculum
  • Macbeth - October
  • Lifeskills – November
  • Science Dome - November
  • Science Fair at Bath University – February
  • Childline Workshop – April
  • Bath Abbey - April
  • First Aid Workshop - May
thank you
Thank you!

Thank you for attending this meeting to support your child in Year 6.

If you need to speak to any of the teachers at any point this year please feel free to contact the office to arrange a mutually convenient time.