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KARABÜK. LOCATION. Surface area is 4.145 km² Karabük is situated in the western part of Black Sea Region. 40° 57' and 41° 34' North latitude 32° 04' and 33° 06' East Longitude

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  • Surface area is 4.145 km²
  • Karabük is situated in the western part of Black Sea Region.
  • 40° 57' and 41° 34' North latitude

32° 04' and 33° 06' East Longitude

  • Karabük is 80 km. to Bartın, 120 km. to Kastamonu, 195 km. to Çankırı, 130 km. to Bolu, 170 km. to Zonguldak, 220 km. to Ankara and 400 km. to Istanbul.


The altitude of the city center of Karabük is 278m.

Karabük,which is surrendered by hills, shows the characteristics of catchment basin.Theaveragealtitude is 250-500m.

  • There are many magnifient canyons in Karabük.
  • The most important ones are İncekaya, Düzce, Tokatlı and Sakaralan Canyon.
  • And also Yenice has got Şeker Stream, which is 6,5 km. long and has got steep and high Şeker Canyon at both sides.
valla kany


  • There are also some very nice caves to be seen in Karabük.
  • The most significant ones are Bulak and Hızar (Mencilis) Caves.
  • They are very valuable from the point of tourism and have got carstic formations..
  • The climate of the Karabük Province is partially Black Sea climate but as is located inland, away from the sea the province can not make use of the moisture air of the Black Sea and therefore is mostly under the effect of terrestrial climate. However the severe winter colds and dry summer hot temperature of Central Anatolia is not encountered. The most precipitant months are spring and winter months.
vegetation cover
  • % 60 of theprovince is coveredwithforests.
  • Dense forests can be seen in Safranbolu, Yenice and Eskipazar.
  • As theterrestrialclimate is dominant around Eflani, Ovacık and Eskipazar, thesteppes can often be seen.
  • Theseareasmentionedabovearecoveredwithforests, but theregionsoverthetree-growingaltitudehavegotlonggrasslands.
rivers and lakes
  • Themostimportantriver of theprovince is FilyosRiver.
  • FilyosRivertakesdifferentnamesfromthepoint it comesouttotheseawhere it flowsinto.
  • It is known as ‘Ulusu’ where it comesout, ‘Gerede Water’ whilepassingnear Gerede, ‘Soğanlı Stream’ near Eskipazar and ‘Yenice River’ when it mixeswith ‘Araç Stream’.
  • FilyosRiver, whichalsotakes ‘Devrek Stream’ intoits body, flowsintothe Black Sea. It is 288 km. long.
  • Therearenobig, naturallakes in Karabük.
econmy in karab k
Econmy In karabük
  • Karabükis an industrial city. There is a great Iron&Steel Plant and about 40 rolling plants in Karabük.
  • There are also 3 textile factories.
  • Karabük is a university city with 12.000 students at Karabük University.