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Creating a Wifi Infrastructure PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a Wifi Infrastructure

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Creating a Wifi Infrastructure
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Creating a Wifi Infrastructure

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  1. Creating a Wifi Infrastructure Wireless Fidelity. A set of standards that set forth the specifications for transmitting data over a wireless network.

  2. Why move towards Wifi • Wifi demand is growing! Staff report that they receive daily requests from patrons to have this service available. 105% The compound annual growth rate in Wifi media devices, according to In Stat/MDR • The public now has light affordable notebook computers and PDAs that they can carry, store and retrieve information. Providing wireless access to the internet and library electronic resources would be extremely beneficial to students, researchers and genealogists. Notebooks computers sold more that Desktop computers for the first time this year according to the NPD Group. • Providing this services gives the public options on where to get internet access. They no longer have to go to their local coffee shop but have the opportunity to go to their public library. Attracting people into our new buildings and introducing them to the many services that we offer will help defining libraries as a new third place. • Allowing the public to bring in their own notebook computers and PDAs has the potential lessen some of the present high demands we are experiencing on library owned equipment. • Fort Wayne is ranked 93rd out of a possible 100 in the most unwired cities survey, according to the 2005 intel report. This is an excellent opportunity to provide our patrons the same level of service other communities take for granted. Reference:

  3. Evansville Vanderburg Public Library, IN St Joesph County Public Library, IN Batesville Public Library, IN Indiana State Library, IN Marion County Public Library, IN Nappanne Public Library, IN New Castle-Henry Public Library, IN Brown County Public Library, IN Plymouth Public Library, IN Lawrenceburg Public Library, IN West Lafayette Public Library, IN Williamsport Public Library, IN Dodge City Public Library. Lawrence Public Library. Iowa City Public Library. Brookfield Public Library. Lynbrook Public Library. Albuquerque Public Library. Santa Cruz Public Library. Seattle Public Library. Boston Public Library. Chicago Public Library. New York Public Library. Lexington Public Library. Brooklyn Public Library. San Francisco Public Library. Austin Public Library. Palo Alto Public Library. San Diego Public Library. Partial list of libraries that provide Wifi free to their patrons.

  4. Equipment needed

  5. Total cost to provide Wifi infrastruture • System wide Infrastructure Costs = $377,025.00 • Routers, Power Over Ethernet Switches, Wifi Access Points, Uninterupted Power Supplies

  6. Patron experience Patrons would be able to bring in their wireless-equipped laptops or PDAs and not only have the convenience of Internet service at their fingertips, but access to the same resources, which in the past, were only available on the Library's own computers.