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Smooth Streaming Live in HD From Camera to Screen PowerPoint Presentation
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Smooth Streaming Live in HD From Camera to Screen

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Smooth Streaming Live in HD From Camera to Screen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smooth Streaming Live in HD From Camera to Screen. Scott Stanfield CEO Vertigo Mike Hanley VP of Services Vertigo Session EX32. Smooth Streaming Live in HD: From Camera to Screen

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Smooth Streaming Live in HD From Camera to Screen

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    1. Smooth Streaming Live in HDFrom Camera to Screen Scott Stanfield CEO Vertigo Mike Hanley VP of Services Vertigo

    2. Session EX32 Smooth Streaming Live in HD: From Camera to Screen The Olympics video team offers you a rare chance to witness an HD production set up, step-by-step, from scratch. Starting with an HD camera, we push the signal through an encoder with a tuned Smooth Streaming configuration, into Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, and then out through a Microsoft Silverlight 4 player using File | New and the Silverlight Media Framework. See the same techniques behind Sunday Night Football and the 2010 Winter Olympics, only on a smaller scale. This is a one-of-a-kind session including specialized hardware; not to be missed if you're curious about HD Internet broadcast.

    3. Smooth Streaming “Hello World” Setup the shot Setup the IIS 7.5 Server Setup the video encoder Build a video player in Visual Studio

    4. What’s On Stage? Camera, connected to a Video encoder, connected to a IIS 7.5, connected to a CDN, connected to a Vertigo video player, inside My browser

    5. What is HD? Frame Size 1280 x 720, or 1920 x 1080 Scanning System Progressive or Interlaced Frame Rate 24 or 30 fps 720p30

    6. What is HD

    7. Video Acquisition and Encoding Acquire the video source Convert signal to a connection type that the Inlet encoder supports Preview window on the encoder Profile preset on the encoder to do IIS Smooth Streaming • IIS ingest server • IIS 7.5 with IIS Media Services 3.0 • IIS Publishing Point • Pick the bitrates on the encoder • Alex’s Smooth Streaming calculator • 16:9 (divisible by 16) Pick the “in page” player size Start encoder

    8. Silverlight 4 Player Development Writing a simple Video Player using the SMF Wire up the manifest URL Hit F5 and run the player • Watching the live audience (with a 6 delay second) SMF sites on top of the Microsoft Smooth Streaming Media Element • Available at CodePlex( • SMF opens in Expression Blend • SMF 1.1 out now and 2.0 coming soon • Support for Progressive and Adaptive Streaming

    9. Founder, Inlet Technologies John bishop

    10. Live Adaptive Streaming Spinnaker Management Console


    12. Smooth Streaming Multi-Bitrate Calc

    13. Video Window Size Divisible by 16 for optimal path on the encoding algorithm

    14. IIS Ingest Server Setup

    15. IIS Ingest Server Setup

    16. IIS Ingest Server Setup

    17. IIS Ingest Server Setup

    18. SMF v2 – Step 1: Add Assemblies

    19. SMF v2 – Step 2: config.xml <?xmlversion="1.0"encoding="utf-8" ?> <LiveSmoothStreamingSettings> <BufferingEngineSettings ForceAccurateSeeks="true" LiveBufferTimeMilliseconds= "16000" /> <HeuristicsEngineSettings SwitchingFrequencyChunksBeforeUpgrade= "2" SwitchingFrequencyStepSizeForUpgrade="3" WindowSizeHeuristicsMinimumPercentageOfNextLargestTrack= "0.8" FrameRateHeuristicsSuspendTrackIfMoreThanXPercentDroppedFrames= "0.30" FrameRateHeuristicsFlushBufferIfMoreThanXPercentDroppedFrames= "0.40“ FrameRateHeuristicsSuspendNextLowestTrackIfMoreThanXPercentDroppedFrames= "0.50" /> </LiveSmoothStreamingSettings>

    20. SMF v2 – Step 3: Add Namespaces xmlns:smf="clr-namespace:Microsoft.SilverlightMediaFramework;assembly=Microsoft.SilverlightMediaFramework" xmlns:smf_Media="clr-namespace:Microsoft.SilverlightMediaFramework.Media;assembly=Microsoft.SilverlightMediaFramework.Media"

    21. SMF v2 – Step 4: Add Code <smf:Player d:LayoutOverrides="Height"> <smf:Player.Playlist> <smf_Media:Playlist> <smf_Media:Playlist.Items> <smf_Media:PlaylistItemDeliveryMethod="AdaptiveStreaming"MediaSource="http://server/mix10.isml/Manifest"/> </smf_Media:Playlist.Items> </smf_Media:Playlist> </smf:Player.Playlist> </smf:Player>

    22. Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) v2

    23. Our Partners

    24. Q&A Scott Stanfield

    25. Your Feedback is Important! Please fill out the session evaluation form provided and drop it off with the staff at the exit. Thank You!