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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement
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Mission Statement

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  1. Mission Statement “To Enhance, Improve, Promote, and Facilitate the North Dakota 9-1-1 System http://nd911.homestead.com/

  2. ND911 Association 2012 Board Members • Becky Ault – President • Bill Fahlsing – Vice-President • Karen Kempert – Past President • Janelle Pepple – Member-at-large • Karla Germann – Secretary-Treasurer Bylaws of the ND 911 Association provide a good source of information regarding our association. They are located on our website: http://nd911.homestead.com/

  3. ND911 Association Objectives • To provide a forum for Corporation members to express their viewpoints and concerns; • To research information and present findings for consideration by its members • To establish a medium to improve and enhance a positive relationship between the corporation, the public, and emergency 9-1-1 service providers; and • To promote the objectives and purposes of the corporation through appropriate legislation, if necessary.

  4. ND911 Association Committees • Special Committees Appointed by the President for purposes that best serves the interest of the corporation. • Current Committees • Legislative Committee • STEPS Committee • Public Relations Committee • Standard Operation Guidelines Committee • Geographic Information System (GIS) Committee

  5. Legislative Committee Objective The Legislative Committee will track information affecting 911 Services in ND to identify and promote legislation for the improvement of those Services. • Review legislative activity that affects the manner and the level at which 911 is delivered and relay that information to Association membership. • Work collaboratively with NDACoand other stakeholders to convey desired Association outcomes to the legislature and stakeholders. • Convey information gathered to the 911 Association Board of Directors and membership to assist participation in legislative committee meetings and hearings to effectively represent 911 Association interests.

  6. Legislative Committee • Co-Chairs: Brent Nelson, Tammy Lapp-Harris Members: Jerry Berquist, Kathy Kottenbrock, Starr Klemetsrud, Brent Nelson, Janelle Pepple, Margaret Emanuel, Becky Ault, Byron Sieber, Mike Dannenfelzer, Terry Traynor

  7. STEPS Committee Objective Promote efficient deployment of 9-1-1 technology to ensure equal access to public safety services from any device, at any time and from anywhere within the Great State of North Dakota.

  8. STEPS Committee Strategic Technology Planning Subcomittee (Formerly Enhanced Emergency Communications and Technology Committee) • Chair: Mike Dannenfelzer • Members:Jerry Berquist, Karen Kempert, Russ Lindblom, Greg Herndon, Kathy Kottenbrock, Mike Lynk, Becky Ault, Derrick Bulawa, Byron Sieber, Jill Breuer, Bill Fahlsing, Norton Lovold, Jason Horning

  9. Public Relations Committee Objective Search out and provide educational materials for the public on how 911 works and what that service entails. Raise awareness on how the general public, public officials and other agencies can support 911. In other words, “To Enhance, Improve, Promote, and Facilitate the North Dakota 9-1-1 System”.

  10. Public Relations Committee Chair: Janelle Pepple Members:Tammy Lapp-Harris, Jill Breuer, Dana Scherr, Terry Volk, Liz Beck, Sandra Hanson, Kim Robbins

  11. Standard Operating Guidelines Committee Objective Enhance Uniformity in Public Safety Answering Points across North Dakota • Development of Standard Operating Guides (SOG's) for use in ND PSAP's, incorporating the requirements or recommendations of local, State and Federal resources. • Investigate requirements of NENA, FBI, EAS, and State of ND guidelines and others as needed. • Outline development, incorporating requirements and guidelines found during investigative process. • Incorporate information gathered into SOG's and disseminate following approval.

  12. Standard Operating Guidelines Committee • Chair: Karen Kempert • Members: Byron Sieber, Becky Ault, Shannon Lahaise, Mike Lynk, Bill Fahlsing, Rick Robinson, Tammy Lapp-Harris, Jill Breuer, Jerry Bergquist, Dorinda Brown

  13. GIS Committee Objective • Mission To promote the development and maintenance of GIS data for Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1). • Goals 1) To identify the NG9-1-1 GIS needs of the public safety community. 2) To identify how NG9-1-1 GIS needs will be met and sustained in cooperation with state, local and tribal agencies. 3) To foster the aggregation and distribution of NG9-1-1 GIS data for public safety purposes. 4) To promote and encourage nationally recognized GIS data standards for the exchange of NG9-1-1 GIS data.

  14. GIS Committee • Chair:Jason Horning • Members:Bob Nutsch, Stacey Swanson, Liz Beck, Terry Volk, Karla Germann, Jon Tonneson

  15. For more information about theND 911 Association visit: www.nd911.homestead.com (Right click address and choose OPEN HYPERLINK to visit website)