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Learning about Poetry

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Learning about Poetry

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  1. Learning about Poetry LIZARDS IN LOVE I fell in love in the springtime, When the air was cool and clean. She was long and low and lovely. Her skin was scaly and green. I fell in love in the springtime, When I was foolish and young. It was love at first sight when I saw her Catching ants on the tip of her tongue. Stanza Imagery: The poet’s use of sensory details or images that appeal to our senses or that create pictures in our minds. The very language of poetry enables us to imagine a different world and to see more vividly the world we already inhabit. Through the poet’s use of imagery, we are given “new eyes.” Poetic imagery can leave a lasting impression on our minds; words create images we not only see but also smell, taste, hear, and feel. *************************************** Theme:the central idea or concept Tone: the writer’s overall attitude towards his writing creation Mood: a temporary state of mind or emotion In the poem “LIZARDS IN LOVE:” The theme is love and admiration The tone is friendly and conversational The moodis lighthearted and wistful Line Break Line Imagine the feel of the desert sun on your face, and the crisp, clean air of desert springtime. See the image of the female lizard through the eyes of her obviously smitten male counterpart. Feel the scaly roughness of the lizards green skin. Envision the enraptured male lizard when he sees the ant-catching skill of the female as she flicks her tongue in and out, in and out. Cactus Poems by Frank Asch