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CAS 09/10. College of Arts and Sciences - Budget ATC MEETING 6/18/09. The Budget Process. Spreadsheet to CBM to SMRT How it happens. CAS Budget Process. Roster by person is exported from Peoplesoft into Excel

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cas 09 10

CAS 09/10

College of Arts and Sciences - Budget



the budget process

The Budget Process

Spreadsheet to CBM to SMRT

How it happens

cas budget process
CAS Budget Process
  • Roster by person is exported from Peoplesoft into Excel
  • Adjustments made as information is received as approved by the Office of the Provost (we will only budget approved activities)
  • Budget lines are entered into the PeopleSoft CAMPUS BUDGET MODULE (CBM)
  • Budget data reviewed and approved by SB Administration
  • Budget data electronically forwarded to Albany
  • Albany converts budget data into SMRT System
budget vs target
Budget vs. Target
  • BUDGET: An approximation of the expenses of a department utilizing best information available, assists in monitoring expenses
  • TARGET: The set amount of funding authorized by the Dean for a department to spend
  • DEFICIT / SURPLUS: The difference between the actual expenses and the target
possible target adjustments
Possible Target adjustments
  • Across the Board and discretionary contractual increases
  • New commitment from the Dean, Provost, President or outside CAS source
  • Transfer line from or to CAS
understanding your budget
Understanding your budget
  • PeopleSoft CBM budget reports distributed today
    • Notes are listed on the last page and itemize the entries that should be expected
    • Negatives may take the form of either a journal entry or a transfer of allocation (the result is the same)
  • Spreadsheet budgets distributed today
  • Target was budgeted in CBM including OTPS roll over, Summer, Winter, and Masters incentive projections
negative numbers
Negative numbers?
  • We budget using negative amounts for salary savings, anticipated funding, and anticipated journal transfer
  • Some budgeted negatives will result in automatic journal transfer
managing your budget
Managing Your Budget
  • Verify budgeted salaries to PeopleSoft salaries
  • Review salaries on PeopleSoft for ATB / Merit increases
  • Review payroll on SMRT System / AES reports periodically, identify errors and notify Dean’s office
  • Quarterly calculation of anticipated AY Expense
pitfalls paradigms potholes
Pitfalls, Paradigms & Potholes

(Things to avoid and how to get out of them!)

  • Accounting vs. Budget
    • The accounting system will provide the final assessment of deficit vs. surplus.

Actual expenses will be compared to your budget

  • SMRT System: Encumberances
    • TA’s & GA’s Encumber as payroll processes
    • Adjuncts encumber for the full academic year

Follow the instructions provided on “How to review your expenses vs. target

  • He said, she said, they said …
    • Only those commitments in writing can be honored
    • Only the Dean can set policy, do not rely on word of mouth

If there are significant policy questions, ask your Chair to request a meeting with the Dean

  • Authorization to spend ≠ Additional target

Never assume, always request written confirmation of a commitment

  • Understanding the system

We are available for on site demonstration, there will be open appointments on Thursdays from 1 to 3 all year


par·a·digm  (pr-dm, -dm)n.

1. One that serves as a pattern or model.

2. A set or list of all the inflectional forms of a word or of one of its grammatical categories: the paradigm of an irregular verb.

3. A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline.

“I’ve always used the AES reports … why do I need to use SMRT?”

“We never had a target before … this must be difficult.”

  • 12 Month pay vs. 10 month – affect on departures (retirements & resignations) and arrivals

For new hires on 26P, the first year will show less expense than budgeted and the last year will show more

  • Vacation pay out for departures

Vacation pay out will increase your expenses, keep this in mind when calculating your savings (and subsequent spending)

  • Payroll sanctions will impact the departmental expenses

Always request a hotline immediately

coming attractions
Coming attractions …
  • Data Warehouse
  • RF: Generate offset forms with 4 page form
how to verify your roster
How to verify your roster
  • Rosters are distributed for the budget and for contractual increases, follow the same process for the budget as you do for the contractual increases

Log in to Peoplesoft

Click “Workforce Administration”

Click “Job Information”

Click “Job Summary”

Enter last name

Either choose from list or employee record appears

Click “Job Summary”

Click “Compensation”

Compare to roster

how to review your expenses vs target
How to review your expenses vs. target
  • Log in to SMRT using your Lotus Notes name and password
  • Enter your account
  • Click “Payroll Summary”
  • Click “Excel Download”
  • Review payroll for erroneous entries, report errors to the Dean’s Office
  • Using the downloaded spreadsheet, calculate a subtotal for faculty and staff
  • Add TA budget / anticipated expenses
  • Add SIB budget / anticipated expenses
  • Add OTPS budget / anticipated expenses
  • Add / subtract adjustments entered and/or anticipated
  • Compare to target