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Julian Hayden PowerPoint Presentation
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Julian Hayden

Julian Hayden

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Julian Hayden

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  1. Julian Hayden

  2. Appearance • Julian’s appearance is a typical cowboys dress sense: • Suit pants • Cowboy boots • Checkered shirt/vest • White long hair • Famous cowboy hat • Bushy sideburns

  3. Weaknesses • Weaknesses for Julian are: • Julian chooses family over anything else including the law. • Julian shows favouritism between sons as its is quite obvious he prefers Frank. • Julian is very self-centred, he wont help people unless it benefits himself. • Racist and sexist “What the hell’s so big you have to take an Indian side and run your brother in”

  4. Strengths • Strengths for Julian are: • Julian is family orientated as he would do anything for his son (Frank). • Julian is confident in his place in society. • Julian takes pride in his son (Frank) • Shows his sons how to become an important part in society.

  5. What does Julian think or say about himself • Julian believes: • He believes he is important in the Bentrock Community. • Everything must go his own way. • He believes that he is superior to everyone else. • His race is the dominant race of the community, every other race is second best.

  6. How does Julian act and react • Julian reacts the wrong to the situation with Frank. • Takes matters into his own hands. • Gets his workers to come collect Frank, but Gail let a couple of rounds off as a warning to stay away with help of Len.

  7. What is Julian’s background • Julian Hayden is a retired sheriff from Bentrock Montana, but then gave the position to his son Wes, so he could keep the job in the Hayden family. • A much respected man, who had a lot to contribute to Bentrock before he retired from being sheriff. • brought his family to town to live in a small apartment when he was serving as sheriff - "He wanted, he needed, power ... He was a dominating man who drew sustenance and strength from controlling others."

  8. The beliefs and values Julian has • Julian believes that family is more important than the law, and family comes first. • His patriarchal values and his need to control his son’s lives have led to the tragedies of their actions. • He is a dominating man, and he has a lot of influence in the lives of Wes and Frank, because he only wants the best for his sons.

  9. Describing Julian’s personality • Julian was strong-minded • Stubborn • Arrogant • Selfish • Inconsiderate of other peoples feelings • Racist

  10. Is Julian associated with the particular settings or personal possessions • Yes, because he is the grandfather of David and the father of Wes and Frank. • plays an important role throughout the story, as he set the scene within the family.