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Intercomparison campaign Univ. Provence N. Marchand PowerPoint Presentation
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Intercomparison campaign Univ. Provence N. Marchand

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Intercomparison campaign Univ. Provence N. Marchand - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intercomparison campaign Univ. Provence N. Marchand
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  1. Partner logo Intercomparison campaign Univ. Provence N. Marchand 2° Partners meeting - Barcelona, 13th January 2010

  2. Sampling site : “5 Avenues”? 5 avenues : somewhere here Urban background station

  3. Sampling site : “5 Avenues”?

  4. Why an urban background site? • Objective of APICE… • « quantify the influence of harbor and harbor related activities on city air quality » Are we able to apportion these sources among other sources in urban air? • Logistical reasons.. • Historical and reference station of ATMOPACA (most instrumented station (PM10, PM10 FDMS, PM2.5, PM2.5FDMS..) • Previous projects in this site (ESCOMPTE, FORMES etc..) What if there is no industrial events?

  5. Marseille 2nde city in France ~ 1.6 million of inhabitants 1rst harbour in France 1rst harbour of the Mediterranean Sea 4th harbour in Europe 3rd harbour in the world for Crude oil and oil products A huge harbour Total traffic of about 100 Mt/yr (including >60% of crude oil and oil products) ~ 40 km Marseille West Harbour Sampling site Western Docks : Crude Oil and oil products, solid bulk and containers. East Harbour Eastern Docks : cargo (fruit and vegetables, RORO, containers), ship repair (industrial and pleasure craft), logistics and passengers (cruises, Corsica ferries and international). Image Google Earth

  6. Marseille A huge industrial area Refinery and petro chemical industry of Berre Refinery of Fos Refinery of «la Mede» Refinery and petro chemical industry of Lavera Marseille West Harbour Sampling site East Harbour 4 Refineries : ~30 Mt/year ~30% of the french refining capacity Lavera Image Google Earth

  7. Marseille A huge industrial area Refinery and petro chemical industry Refinery of Fos Sollac (Steel Industry) Industrial area (various activities) Airport Refinery of «la Mede» Refinery and petro chemical industry of Lavera Marseille Industrial area (various activities) West Harbour Sampling site East Harbour Sollac (Steel Industry) Image Google Earth

  8. Marseille : 3 characteristic meteorological conditions Mistral « Land » and sea breezes Nocturnal Urban breeze Composition of land/sea breezes and mistral Transit time of the air masses above the mediterranean sea increases during the day Evolution during the day Urban breeze occuring most of the nights (hot spot of Marseille) Marseille is most of the time downwind industrial areas and harbours

  9. What is the industrial influence on particle components? When the sampling site was directly downwind of industrial area, intense particle events associated with SO2 are observed. Particle number [cm-3] Mistral Composition of sea breeze with mistral Evolution during the day

  10. Industrial particles events.. Jul. 7 Jul. 9 Jul. 5 Jul. 4 dN/dlnDp

  11. PAHs and Metals Temporal trend of total PAHs concentration shows intense pics … and is very well correlated with those of Pb, Cs, Mo, Fe and also La, V, Zn, Ni, Co.. For all these samples the receptor site was downwind from the western industrial area… Steel plant of Sollac and/or heavy fuel combustion

  12. Primary sources only contribute to 22% of the total OC • vehicular emissions dominated primary OC contributing for 17% of total OC • industrial emissions contributed only for 2.3 % of total OC Primary source contributions CMB results (El Haddad, ACPD 2010a)

  13. Primary source contributions AMS/PMF Factor 4 vs. CMB industrial OM (d’anna et al., 2010 in prep) Good agreement between the CMB and AMS estimation, validating our choice of industrial markers and source profiles in the CMB

  14. Marseille field campaign (Jul. 2008) CMB vs. AMS/PMF(d’anna et al., 2010 in prep) 86 80 The two models attributed more than 80% of the OA to secondary sources LV-OOA (40) SV-OOA (40) 16 12 4 2

  15. Source apportionment PM2.5 Total industrial/harbor activities contribution 7.1% (El Haddad, ACPD 2010a)


  17. Instrumentation

  18. Schedule : Expected date for final data

  19. ? ? Nano Moudi (UNIGE?)

  20. ARPA Veneto van.

  21. Schedule : Instrumentation/people? Who, when people arrived and leaved?

  22. Policy for sharing data and circulate it among the campaign participants (Ex : Daure project) • Data will be shared during the field phase as soon as it is available This is done with the understanding that data is not fully calibrated/corrected/etc., • Field data from other groups can only be used by people participating in the campaign, and CANNOT be shown or shared with people outside the campaign unless you have the permission of the data owners. • Data should also be made available to all participants during the data analysis phase. Data from other groups cannot be used in presentations or publications without the permission of the data owners, and coauthorship should be offered to the data producers (which are then free to accept or decline the offer).

  23. Establish a data format Data specifications File name convention Example: 20090310_PTRMS_BCN_rev2.txt – Date is last day of measurements included in the file – Revision starts at 0, incremented when data is changed (not when data is added) File format convention Date_Time Species1 Species2 10/03/2009 12:50:49 12341 1233 - Pay attention to the exact format for the date and time - tab-delimited (not space-delimited) - Only one carriage return (ASCII code 13 or chr(13)) at end of the line On the top of each data file - Contact person email and phone number - Local time or standard time or UTC or GMT - When reporting μg m-3 - Specify conditions of m3: recommend either STP (273.15K & 1 atm) or local conditions (local T & P). Others are OK but please specify - Specify what you are reporting for missing data (we recommend -999)

  24. Establish a data format New data versions Original file: 20090310_AMS_MRS_rev0.txt 20090311_AMS_MRS_rev0.txt - added measurements - data up to the 10th have not changed 20090312_AMS_MRS_rev1.txt - means that some data have been revised - and A single file that keeps increasing the revision number at the end of the campaign, e.g.: 20090327_AMS_MRS_rev0.txt 20090327_AMS_MRS_rev1.txt 20090327_AMS_MRS_rev2.txt

  25. Be carefull with electrical plugs..