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American Obesity

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American Obesity. Nicole Cook. Obesity.

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american obesity
American Obesity

Nicole Cook


Obesity is an issue Americans really need to begin caring about. Much of the country is obese, and many have become ill and even died because of this problem. If these people don’t get their lives in order they could have serious health issues later down the road. There are methods of persuasion used here to prevent obesity; Ethos, logos, and pathos. Each appealing to people in a different way, or appealing to different people completely.

  • Logos is appeal to logic. This often incorporates statistics, graphs, or charts. The link here falls under the logos category for all of these reasons. It is very informative, and provides valuable information. It well educates those who chose to stop and read it.
  • Pathos is appeal to the heart or emotion. This video would be considered pathos because of the way it almost guilt trips those with chubby children by saying that “YOU are responsible for what your child eats.” and many things similar to that.
  • Ethos is obtained by being knowledgeable about a subject. Whether you know of people with weight problems, work with people who are obese, or actually ARE obese, you probably have a very strong ethos about being overweight. The woman in this video, Angela, is auditioning for biggest loser which makes her ethos very great.