your network galileo filters proxies popups more
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Your Network & GALILEO Filters, Proxies, Popups & more

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Your Network & GALILEO Filters, Proxies, Popups & more - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Your Network & GALILEO Filters, Proxies, Popups & more. Technology Leadership Conference October 27, 2004 Katie Gohn, GALILEO Support Specialist Philip McArdle, GALILEO Services Coordinator. Purpose of our presentation:.

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Presentation Transcript
your network galileo filters proxies popups more

Your Network & GALILEOFilters, Proxies, Popups & more

Technology Leadership Conference

October 27, 2004

Katie Gohn, GALILEO Support Specialist

Philip McArdle, GALILEO Services Coordinator

purpose of our presentation
Purpose of our presentation:
  • To discuss the elements of the GALILEO system that can be affected by filtering and security software, proxy servers, and browser configurations.
  • To provide information to help network administrators, librarians, and individual users avoid problems.
what we ll cover in this presentation
What we’ll cover in this presentation:
  • Browsers
    • Cookies, popups, security/privacy settings
  • Proxy servers
    • Authentication, caching, filtering
  • Desktop filtering/security software
    • Keyword blocking, site blocking
resources in about galileo
Resources in About GALILEO
  • GALILEO exceptions list for proxy servers
  • Browser specifications & settings
  • Guidelines for use of filtering software
browsers galileo
Browsers & GALILEO
  • Cookies
    • GALILEO system does not require users to accept cookies, but many vendor databases do
    • GALILEO recommends setting browsers to accept first- and third-party cookies
      • First-party cookies originate from same domain as the site you’re viewing
      • Third-party cookies originate from another domain
      • MSIE sometimes mistakes first-party for third-party when frames are involved
browsers galileo2
Browsers & GALILEO
  • Popup blockers
    • Does your browser have one?
      • Internet Explorer 6:
        • XP Service Pack 2 adds popup blocker
        • Google and Yahoo! toolbars add popup blockers
        • EarthLink, AOL, and other ISPs offer popup blockers
      • Other browsers with popup blockers:
        • Netscape 7.1 and 7.2
        • Mozilla suite and Mozilla Firefox
        • Safari
        • Opera
browsers galileo3
Browsers & GALILEO
  • When does GALILEO open new windows?
    • When opening a database under the GALILEO banner causes authentication problems
    • When the content of a new page doesn’t include a clear path back to GALILEO
  • In some instances, blockers will perceive new GALILEO windows as popups and suppress them.
    • Databases opening in new windows usually aren’t affected, except Express Links.
browsers galileo4
Browsers & GALILEO
  • How do I avoid problems with popups?
    • Add items in GALILEO exceptions list to popup blocker’s allowed-sites list


    • Turn off popup blocker while using GALILEO
browsers galileo5
Browsers & GALILEO
  • Other browser issues:
    • High IE security settings can interfere with homepage access.
    • Browser should be set to check for new versions of stored pages regularly.
proxy servers galileo
Proxy servers & GALILEO
  • A proxy is a service that sites between web servers and clients (i.e., users’ workstations); it receives requests from clients and makes requests to servers on their behalf.
  • Primary purposes include caching, filtering, usage tracking, and remote resource access.
proxy servers galileo1
Proxy servers & GALILEO
  • When a proxy makes requests to GALILEO and vendor databases on behalf of a client, the client appears to have the IP address of the proxy server.
    • This can be beneficial in some cases: for instance, to facilitate remote access.
    • This can be harmful if GALILEO does not recognize your proxy server’s IP address.
proxy servers galileo2
Proxy servers & GALILEO
  • Use GALILEO’s exceptions list to prevent your proxy server from proxying on-site users’ GALILEO requests.
    • List may be employed centrally on server or in each workstation’s browser settings.
    • Allows GALILEO’s and vendors’ servers to authenticate by workstation IP address.
    • Ensures that caching, filtering, and other services do not interfere with functioning of GALILEO system.
filtering software galileo
Filtering software & GALILEO
  • Keyword-blocking software
    • Screens the text and sometimes URL of web pages; if text contains certain words or phrases, user is not allowed to view web page.
    • Contents of GALILEO databases may include words and phrases prohibited by software; may cause error messages, incorrect search results, or other problems.
    • Examples: ClickSafe, CyberSentinel; Bess (optional)
filtering software galileo1
Filtering software & GALILEO
  • Site-blocking software
    • Determines whether the URL of a web page is on a list of sites the manufacturer or administrator has already decided are inappropriate.
    • Examples: WebSense, CyberPatrol, Bess
filtering software galileo2
Filtering software & GALILEO
  • Both types of filtering software can be inaccurate: neither can ensure that all inappropriate sites will be blocked or that all appropriate sites will be accessible.
  • Use GALILEO’s exceptions list to exclude GALILEO and its databases from both types of filtering.
internet security software galileo
Internet security software & GALILEO
  • May include firewalls, popup blockers, and other devices that interfere with GALILEO.
  • If software allows user to create a list of “allowed” sites, use GALILEO exceptions list to ensure that software doesn’t interfere with GALILEO sessions.
resources in about galileo1
Resources in About GALILEO
  • GALILEO exceptions list for proxy servers
  • Browser specifications & settings
  • Guidelines for use of filtering software