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  1. WAHSET COACHES TRAINING Presented by Robin Chase, PHR Cell: 360-870-3566 Email:

  2. Ice Breakers • Introduction Games • Help Students Feel Comfortable • Have Veterans Welcome And Encourage Newbies • Include Parents • Take The Time To Get To Know Each Other

  3. Introduction • Mission Statement / Core Values • Coaches Expectations • Communication Chain • Athlete Eligibility • Registration Process • Insurance Requirements • Code of Conduct • Disciplinary Policies and Procedures • Parent Expectations • Team Building Activities

  4. Mission Statement A. Washington High School Equestrian Teams (WAHSET) shall be a “not for profit” corporation dedicated to promoting and organizing equestrian competition in high school athletic or activity programs. B. WAHSET has as its main goal, recognition in the high schools of the equestrian athlete and to give them an opportunity to achieve that recognition in a fair, positive and educational format. The goals are to encourage team play, peer acceptance and good horsemanship. Competition is to follow sportsmanship guidelines as set down by the Washington State School Board, as well as the individual participating school activity guidelines and equine sportsmanship guidelines as set forth by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF). C. Any high school in the United States of America is eligible to form a team and join the WAHSET organization. The state is divided into districts. District competitions will be held with the goal of qualifying for a final State Championship Meet to be held by the host district for that current year. Each high school will have an adult and youth representation on their District Board of Directors. Each district will have adult and youth representatives on the State Board of Directors. D. Competition is a winter/spring sport scheduled as much as possible not to conflict with other organized high school sports. The purpose is to promote continuous growth in programs fostering horsemanship education, sponsor activities to encourage interscholastic participation and to have cooperative adult supervised leadership for all students in grades 9 through 12. E. High School Equestrian Teams support, challenge and offer recognition to the dedicated teens that, both physically and mentally, pursue the challenge of the sport of equine competition.

  5. WAHSET Core Values • High Expectations For All Members Of The Organization • Strong Leadership • Teamwork • Clear Expectations And Communication • Accountability • Appropriate Attire • Lifelong Learning And Skill Building • Recognition Of, And Rewards For, Excellence • Community & Family Participation And Support • Safe, Orderly Learning Environments

  6. Coaches Expectations • Required For Every Team • Must Be 21 Years Or Older • Organizes Team • Liaison With High School • Represents Team At District Meetings Along With A Youth Representative • Communicates With District Chair • Enforces And Advises Rules, Policies and Guidelines • Identifies Team Expectations • Organizes Practices • Coordinates Athlete And Team Registration

  7. Communication Chain • Communication Encourages Program Growth • Communication Flows In Both Directions Athlete/Parent Team Advisor/Coach District Board/Chairperson State Board/Chairperson

  8. Athlete’s Eligibility • Any High School Student, Regardless Of Race, Creed, Sex, Ability Or Skill Level, Physical Or Mental Challenge May Participate In WAHSET • A Student May Participate In WAHSET For Four Consecutive Years After Entering The 9th Grade • Each Student Athlete Must Supply Their Own Medical/Health Insurance • Athletes Must Wear A Properly Adjusted, Regulation Helmet And Boots While Mounted • The Student Must Meet The Scholastic Requirements Of Their School To Be Eligible To Participate • Athlete’s Parents Are Responsible For Athlete And Equine Transportation

  9. Athlete’s Registration Process • Completed Athlete Registration Form • Pay Team/Club Individual Fees • Copy of Current Report Card • Copy of Insurance Card (front and back) • Each Team Member Must Provide Proof of Coverage • School Offered Policies Acceptable • Copy of Athlete Goals & Evaluation Form

  10. Athlete’s Required Equipment • Appropriate Boots At All Practices And Competitions • Properly Fitted Regulation Helmet When Mounted At All Practices And Competitions • Appropriate Team Long Sleeve Polo Shirt And Appropriate Pants At All Competitions • Horse And Equipment For Disciplines That They Wish To Compete In

  11. Team Registration Process • Copies of Completed Athlete Registration Form • Completed Team Registration Form • Completed Team Roster • District Team Fees • Completed Coop Sponsorship Application (if applicable)

  12. General Registration Information • District Fees For 2008-09 Are $175 Per Competitor • There Are No Fees Paid To Coaches Or Trainers • Transportation • WAHSET Code Of Conduct • WAHSET Commercial Liability Policy • Does Not Cover Riders • Athletes Participate At Their Own Risk • WA State Equine Inherent Risk Laws, RCW 4.24.540 And 4.24.530

  13. Insurance Requirements • WAHSET Maintains General Commercial Liability Insurance To Cover Spectators During Events • WAHSET State Board Maintains Directors’ And Officers Insurance Policy • Athlete’s Ride At Their Own Risk • Athlete’s Must Maintain Health Insurance To Cover Any Personal Injury • Any Incident That May Be Covered By WAHSET Insurance Will Be Reported Within 48 Hours

  14. Is My Team Insured??? • Prior To Practices, Complete The Team Registration And Submit To The District Chair • Each athlete’s name, address and telephone # • Each coach’s name, address and telephone # • Each advisor’s name, address and telephone # • Authorizing signature from high school with name and telephone # • Keep Your Information Updated With Your District Chair • Provide Registration Information On Non-competing Athletes As Well

  15. Additional Insurance American Income Life Insurance Blanket Group Accident Insurance

  16. Am I Insured??? • Washington Equine Activity Statute • RCW 4.24.530 And 4.24.540 • Federal Volunteer Act Provides Civil Liability Protection For Non-profit Volunteers • WAHSET’s Directors’ And Officers’ Insurance Only Covers Persons Listed As State Board Members, District Board Members And Advisors • Make sure that all coaches and advisors are listed on the team registration, is following WAHSET rules and are not paid for any services

  17. Certificates of Insurance • Clarify If The Facility Needs A Proof Of Liability Insurance Or Needs To Be Listed As Additionally Insured • Request Certificates From Your District Chairs • Regular Certificate Of Insurance • Whom and where to send it • Certificate Of Insurance Naming Additionally Insured • Name of entity, address, phone and contact person

  18. WAHSET Code of Conduct Standards • All Athletes, Volunteers And Contractors With WAHSET Shall Comply With WAHSET Code Of Conduct • Standards Of Conduct Order • School-Written rules of the school or school district • WAHSET Code of Conduct • USEF has been used as a guideline

  19. Discuss the Code of Conduct and Your Expectations • Have A Meeting!!! • Discuss The School Code Of Conduct And The WAHSET Code Of Conduct With Students And Parents • Have Them Sign And Acknowledge That Both Parent And Student Understand The Code Of Conduct And Your Expectations

  20. Disciplinary Policies and Procedures • Always Be CONSISTENT • Always Be CONFIDENTIAL • Communication Expectations Athlete/Parent Team Advisor/Coach District Board/Chairperson State Board/Chairperson

  21. Discipline Procedures • Identify The Problem • Investigate • Confidentially • Follow The School’s Identified Process • Follow WAHSET’s Disciplinary Process • Fair, Positive And Educational Format • DOCUMENTATION

  22. Disciplinary Documentation • Document All Disciplinary Actions • Verbal, Written, Disqualification, Suspension, Expulsion • Include Present Misconduct , Disciplinary Action And Plan For Improvement As Well As Action If Any Misconduct Occurs Again • Signatures Of Parties Involved • Provide Copies To Parties Involved

  23. Suggested Disciplinary Actions First Violations • Discussion, Plan Of Action For Improvement • Loss Of Points For Athlete Or Team • Disqualification For Athlete Or Team • Disqualification From A Class • Suspension From A Meet

  24. Suggested Disciplinary Actions Second Violations • Disqualification For Athlete Or Team • Disqualification From A Class • Suspension From Present Meet • Suspension From Next Meet • Expulsion From WAHSET

  25. Suggested Disciplinary Actions Third Violations • Disqualification For Athlete Or Team • Suspension From Present Meet & Next Meet • Expulsion From WAHSET

  26. When To Ask For HELP!!!! It is recommended that actions that include or are similar to removing of points or disqualification be discussed with your district chair It is recommended that actions that include suspension or expulsion be discussed with you district chair and the state chair

  27. Conflict Resolution • Make sure that good relationships are the first priority • Keep people and problems separate • Pay attention to the interests that are being presented • Listen first; talk second • Set out the “Facts” • Explore options together

  28. Conflict Resolution Process • Step 1- Set The Scene • Step II – Gather Information • Step III – Agree On The Problem • Step IV – Brainstorm Possible Solutions • Step V – Negotiate A Solution

  29. Outline Parent Expectations • Communication Chain • Transportation Of Athlete And Equine • Prompt Payment Of Fees • Positive Encouragement • Volunteer Expectations

  30. Scoring/Placing • Method of Scoring Will Be Consistent At State and District Level • Team Points Including Participation are Double of Individual Points • Points Are Awarded Equally To All Athletes/Teams With Tied Scores • Ties Will Not Be Broken At District or State Meets • The Points For Placings Below The Ties Are Awarded As Usual After the Number of Tied Positions Has Been Subtracted

  31. Team Points • If a School Has More Than One Team In An Event, Only The Top Team Score is Counted Toward Total Team Points • All Team Points Are Tracked For State Qualification

  32. Individual Points • JV Points Are Not Awarded To The Team or Year End High Point Team Award • Disqualification-No Points Awarded • No Time/Off Course/Elimination • No Times Are Not Considered Elimination • Participation Points Are Awarded

  33. Year End District Points • Each Individual/Team’s Points Will Be Added Together For Ranking • Riders May Qualify For A Maximum of Five Individual Year-End Awards or State Qualification • Ties Are Not Broken For Year End Awards • Average Event/Class Size • Minimum Of Three/Maximum of 10% • All Award Winners Qualify For State Meet • Tie For Last Qualifying, All Will Qualify for State Meet

  34. Qualifications For State Meet • Based On District Year-End Points • All Medal Winners Qualify For State • Top 10% Of Average Event Size • Other State Qualifiers Include: • Record Breakers In Timed Events • Must Break Record Of Current Season And Hold Record At The End Of The Season • Placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd In Two Meets In The Same Event

  35. Team Building • Keep Things Fun • Keep Things In Control • Keep Things Positive • Try And Do Something Non-Horse Related

  36. Questions… Robin Chase, PHR Cell: (360) 870-3566 Home: (360) 867-9736 Email: