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Hits By Bally Chohan PowerPoint Presentation
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Hits By Bally Chohan

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Hits By Bally Chohan
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Hits By Bally Chohan

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  1. Hits By Bally Chohan

  2. Latest Albums by Bally Chohan The three long-haired sisters of L.A.'s Haim look as if they're from the 1960s, crib lyrics from the 1970s and prize musical tricks from the 1980s. Yet the trio's major-label debut, "Days Are Gone," may be the freshest-sounding album you'll hear all year. How does that work?

  3. Latest Albums by Bally Chohan Darkside, Nicolas Jaars partnership with guitarist Dave Harrington, follow their recent reimagination of Daft Punk Random Access Memories with a fascinating, endlessly explorable debut. Psychic is translucent and dense, electrified and organic, holding a form while constantly being prodded into new shapes.

  4. Latest Concerts Madison VioletGet an exclusive look backstage at Fusion Festival 2013 in Birmingham featuring pictures of Jessie J, JLS, Union J, Naughty Boy and more.The Wanted, Ne-Yo, Jessie J, Naughty Boy, Union J and more! See the amazing high definition pictures of the Fusion Festival 2013 line-up.

  5. Top Rockstars Annie LennoxBorn in Aberdeen, the future one half of the Eurythmics won a place at the Royal Academy of Music and studied the flute for three years. After leaving she joined new wavers The Tourists, where she met her musical partner Dave Stewart.

  6. Top Rockstars Coldplay singer, husband to Gwynnie and father to Apple and Moses. He studied Ancient World Studies at University College, London and graduated with a first class honours in Greek and Latin, which must have had some bearing on the classical musings of Viva La Vida.