the effects of bottled water on the environments n.
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The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environments PowerPoint Presentation
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The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environments

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The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environments - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environments. Oyin Popoola Walden University Instructor – Patrick Tschida PUBH 6165, October 2011. Expected Learning Outcome of this Presentation includes:. The safety of tap water The environmental effects and risks of consuming bottled water

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the effects of bottled water on the environments

The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environments


Walden University

Instructor – Patrick Tschida

PUBH 6165, October 2011

expected learning outcome of this presentation includes
Expected Learning Outcome of this Presentation includes:
  • The safety of tap water
  • The environmental effects and risks of consuming bottled water
  • The regulations on the safety of both tap water and bottled water
  • Reasons to desist from drinking bottled water and spread the message
how is tap water treated to make it safe
How Is Tap Water TreatedTo Make It Safe?

The Processes involves serial water treatments that includes:

-Coagulation ( Flocculation and Sedimentation)


_ Disinfection

bottled water is
Bottled Water is:
  • Expensive
  • Wasteful
  • Contributes to Environmental Hazards
  • Contaminates the water quality
bottled water contaminates the water quality
Bottled Water Contaminates the Water Quality
  • Bottled water contains disinfecting byproducts, fertilizer residue, and pain medication
  • Bottled water also contains chemicals, like arsenic and solvent toluene, both have been tied to health risks.
  • Some of the contaminants apparently came from pollutants, and others probably leached from plastic bottles.
bottled water contaminates the environments
Bottled Water Contaminates the Environments
  • Wastes Managements
  • Drains fossil fuels
  • The plastics accumulates in our oceans causing pollutions and risks to the sea animals
bottled water is risky to health
Bottled Water is Risky to Health
  • Contains phthalates which disrupts body hormones, and benzene that is believed to cause cancer
  • Some bottled water brand were found to contain chemicals that increases the growth of breast cancer cells.
  • Documented from CDC to have caused waterborne diseases
bottled water regulations
Bottled Water Regulations
  • Bottled Water is regulated by Food and Drug Administration, FDA, their rules are not strict and lacks regulatory authority unlike the EPA
  • Bottled Water Industries are not required to disclose to the public the results of any contaminants found in any conducted test, the source of the water and the treatments of the water plants
advantages of tap water over bottled water
Advantages of Tap Water over Bottled Water
  • Tested for several times a day but tested once a week for the bottled water
  • Federal regulations to filter and disinfect but the State only delegate regulations for bottled water with no meaningful programs
  • Tap water is cheaper and almost free from contaminants because of its regulated maintenance and treatments
list of further readings
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  • I hope this presentation is meaningful and educative enough to motivate us to desist from drinking bottled water.
  • Aside from the cost, its not environmental friendly, and does not have a strict regulations to adhere to which is harmful to our health.
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