Underwriters Laboratories Business Continuity Operations
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Underwriters Laboratories Business Continuity Operations. Introduction to Crisis & Business Continuity Management. Introduction to Crisis & Business Continuity Management. 2. Risks and threats that UL is exposed to. Risks mitigated with tools and controls

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Underwriters Laboratories Business Continuity Operations

Introduction to Crisis & Business Continuity Management

Risks and threats that UL is exposed to

Risks mitigated with tools and controls

These risks are frequent to organizations

and are mitigated with common controls.

UL has these in place.


Data corruption

Risks mitigated with some redundancy

These risks are less common to organizations

and are partially mitigated with redundancy and

basic tools. UL generally has these in place.



Disk failure


Human error

Component failure

Heart Attack

Network problem

Frequency of


per year

Power failure






Building fire





Risks cannot be mitigated

These risks are infrequent but are very impactful

to organizations but can’t be mitigated with

common tools and controls.

This is where BCM is necessary.

Pandemic flu


$1 $10 $100 $1,000 $10k $100k $1M $10M $100M

Level of Impact



What is business continuity management
What is Business Continuity Management?

  • Business Continuity Management:

    “the ability and readiness to manage business interruptions, in order to provide continuity of services at a minimum acceptable level and to safeguard the financial and competitive position in the short and longer term. It includes the organization in place to ensure the continuous adaptation to changing risks, changing environment and co-ordination of regular training and testing.”

  • Safety & well being of employees

  • Ongoing service to customers

  • Survival of the mission

Business Continuity Objectives


Bc dr plan overview
BC/DR Plan Overview

  • What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

    A document used by UL IT to help recover an application, system or electronic data in response to a disaster or interrupting event

  • What is a Business Continuity Plan?

    A document to help UL stabilize and recover business processes in the event of a disaster or interrupting event

    What is a Crisis Management Plan?

    A document to help focus enterprise efforts in response to a major disaster or interrupting events that threaten a severe negative impact to an organization's financial results, brand, reputation, or relations with employees, customers, suppliers, or the public

Crisis business continuity management plan value
Crisis & Business Continuity Management Plan Value

Why have plans?

  • Customers are starting to require them

  • Competitors have them

  • Auditors require them

  • Outside investors are interested in our capabilities & resilience

  • Laws are emerging that will require plans

  • Socially responsible for our employees, their families, communities

  • They provide guidance and help us cope more effectively during a disaster

  • They document the Whos, Whats, Wheres, Whens and Hows of recovery

  • Simply the right thing to do

  • Bcm timeline direction
    BCM Timeline & Direction


    BCM and ENS Tools

    BCM and CM Governance

    BC Plan Pilot

    Global BCM Program Rollout

    Base Planning

    Global BCM Program Rollout

    Base-Refinement Planning


    Regional & Core Team Testing

    Pandemic Planning

    Leadership and Staff

    awareness & orientation

    BC Program Improvements

    Aids/Ease of Use

    BC 101 – CBT for all Staff and

    New Employee orientation

    Ongoing Testing, Maintenance, Auditing

    Scenarios overview
    Scenarios Overview

    For the purposes of planning, we will plan for disasters resulting in a very bad scenario. Though plans are intended to be “event neutral” and not meant to address specific disaster types (e.g. tornado, flood, terrorism, fire) they should address the following three scenarios:

    Limited staff availability

    50% Reduction for 30+ Days

    Office or Workstation unavailable

    3+ Months

    Technology Outage

    96 hours & last 36 hours of data lost

    Recovery procedures
    Recovery Procedures

    • Effectively document the necessary steps for recovery from a disaster

    • Because no two events are the same, these procedures should be constructed for the three event neutral scenarios

    • All Plans and related information necessary for recovery will be located in the OpsPlanner repository

    • Recovery procedures should be written assuming that individuals with related experience and UL knowledge will be following them

    • Recovery procedures may be added, changed or deleted as appropriate in the event of an actual recovery

    • An individual following the recovery procedures will need to use judgment and experience to adapt to the disaster scenario and determine how to proceed

    • Certain functions/processes may already have recovery procedures documented which can be used