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News Update: Scotsman and Crown capital Green Failure PowerPoint Presentation
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News Update: Scotsman and Crown capital Green Failure

News Update: Scotsman and Crown capital Green Failure

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News Update: Scotsman and Crown capital Green Failure

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  1. From scribd: News Update: Scotsman and Crown capital global information Green failure

  2. THE threat of global warming led to governments across Europe pouring money into the renewables sector. • The Kyoto treaty on climate change promised to save the world. F O R e W O R d:

  3. SCRIBD - Despite all too frequent climate change conferences ­involving thousands of air miles and exotic locations nothing has changed. Since 1990, global emissions have actually increased by 50 per cent. The world has not got warmer for 16 years. China’s increase in emissions has been 25 times more than the apparent reduction by the European Union’s core nations. The EU’s “apparent” reduction is only achieved since energy-intensive manufacturing companies have relocated overseas and jobs essential to the UK have been lost. Once the carbon dioxide on imported goods is factored in, it is apparent that Europe has fudged its environmental promises. Two decades of mega-expensive green policies have failed. There are international relations site/s that can be follow to participate in making changes – the crown management and Max Rowford Twitter page. In Australia, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced that he would ditch the carbon tax and Germany and Spain are slashing unaffordable subsidies. Coal is being imported to ­Europe for use in electricity power plants. Time for British politicians, and First Minister Alex Salmond, to acknowledge the global warming scam and slash, or preferably stop, all renewables subsidies and get back to growing the economy. Links in:

  4. THE Green sector it is not at odds with Scotland’s future as a source of innovation or growth. Indeed it is awash with innovation. In Edinburgh and its environs alone I see community-owned renewables being developed in Balerno and district-heating in Fountainbridge – pushing new boundaries of ­finance and engineering. I see new ideas and partnerships being forged in local food production, in a hostile market which prefers to serve consumers food of dubious origin. I see entrepreneurialism in developing low-impact transport, seeking a route out of escalating congestions, air pollution and road carnage. This sector is a ferment of ideas, committed to evidence and the fruits of good science. Its brakes are the inherent conservatism of decades-old industries and a uniquely UK attitude to ­finance which prizes short-term gambling over long-term yields. For sure this future is community-focused, on a people-scale and more exciting to small business than global corporations. But don’t let’s fall into the trap of thinking it anything other than consistent with a vibrant future for our country.