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Working With Advertising Agencies

Working With Advertising Agencies. When I grow up. When I grow up. The advertising agency industry is highly competitive. Advertising agencies must address three current issues. 1. It is more difficult than ever before to secure new clients.

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Working With Advertising Agencies

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  1. Working With Advertising Agencies

  2. When I grow up...

  3. When I grow up...

  4. The advertising agency industry is highly competitive.

  5. Advertising agencies must address three current issues...

  6. 1. It is more difficult than ever before to secure new clients

  7. 2. It is more difficult than ever before to retain clients

  8. 3. It is more difficult than ever before to harness and use modern advertising techniques and technologies

  9. You cannot help your agencies address these issues if you restrict your contact to the Media Department

  10. Typical Agency Structure Account Service Planning Dept. Media Dept. Creative Dept. Business Services

  11. Sales staff New business Account services Called Account Executive Account Manager VP Account Services Partner Principle Account Service

  12. Campaign theme Develop creative Oversee production Called Creative writer Creative director VP Creative services Creative Dept.

  13. Consumer Research Media Research Strategy Called Planner Planning Supervisor Planning Dept.

  14. Execute the plan Interface with reps Negotiate Called Broadcast negotiator Media buyer Buyer Media director Media Dept.

  15. Production orders Traffic orders Payables Reconciliation Called Accountant Traffic director Billing manager Business manager CFO Business Services

  16. Different Objectives Our primary job? To help our clients solve problems and seize opportunities. The media buyers primary job? To meet or exceed the cost efficiency goals set by the planning department.

  17. What can you do to make her job easier? Lower your prices!

  18. Maximizing your Agency Business • You must develop a relationship with the client • Cultivate communication with people at all levels of the agency • Make sure you are perceived as a sustaining resource by your agencies (Instant Backgrounds, Articles On Demand, etc.)

  19. When you get an RFP or avail request...

  20. Don’t be offended by a media buyer’s negotiation tactics. • Unreasonable cost-per-point • “I’ll buy around you if I have to.” • Asking you to submit on a decoy demo • Demanding no-charge added value

  21. Are any of your media buyers tough negotiators? This might be why...

  22. Media Buyers are taught... • The art of negotiating for radio air time...from the buyer’s side of the desk. • How to take control and be in the driver’s seat. • How to milk stations for everything available. • How to demand respect from a radio rep. • If you are a strong negotiator respect will naturally follow. Reps enjoy a good challenge...so give them one!

  23. Media Buyers are taught... • Diplomacy is the art of letting someone else have YOUR way. • Only give a concession after someone else has given a concession of greater value to you. • Never make a concession until your opponent has made one first. • Don’t take the word “No” as an answer from a media rep.

  24. Typical Buyer Tactics • “I’m sorry, but I’m not allowed to divulge our budget for this buy.” • “We need a minimum of 65% of the commercials to air Monday through Friday, 6a-7p.” • “We need to be guaranteed that our no-charge bonus spots will air as placed.” • “Our cost-per-point is ______ .” (up to 35% below the cost-per-point set by the planning department)

  25. Your Defense • Don’t be intimidated. • Be tough, fair, ethical...and be consistent. • You should care, but not that much. • Know when and how to walk away. • Be a strong negotiator and the buyer will respect you. Remember, when dealing with a media buyer, it is better to be respected than liked.

  26. Why is it important to have a working relationship with multiple contacts within your agencies?

  27. Because each department has different needs that you can help meet.

  28. The more people you help, the more you strengthen your position as a preferred vendor.

  29. Action Step Write down the name of one agency where you will expand relationships at multiple levels next week.

  30. Working With Advertising Agencies Consumer Marketing

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