Survival guide to mays landing
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Survival guide to mays landing. By John Liberty. Animals.

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  • Deer-Deer are good for a lot of things. They can be find in the woods in mays landing. They are good natural warmth. There meat is only good when it is cold so I would hunt them in the winter and go back to your shelter and cover it with snow. You could use there fat to make light which = warmth. This is a high recourse .

  • Fish- Fish are a good resource you can eat them. You can find them almost every were in mays land such as lake Lenape, Clover leaf lake and the old egg harbor river. There meat is good it is good no matter what the tempter is. You could use there scales for armory or make weapons out of the scales. Tis is a very high resource.

Plant life
Plant life

  • Sun flower- Sun flowers are good for there seeds. You could use sun flower seeds as shelter. You would take the pedals and rip them off. They attract bees so if you are really smart you use them as traps. You could get a stick and then whack the bee and there you have it good fish bait. They can be find almost ever were in mays landing. This is a low recourse.

  • Trees- Trees are good for a lot of things. You can make boats to go catch the fish and make wonderful shelters out of them. They have good recourses on them. Birds lay there eggs there so one morning you could have eggs and you could use the bark to make a fire to cook the food. You can find them every were in mays landing. So this is a very high resource.


  • Dirt- We have lots of dirt in mays landing. You could use dirt for shelter and make hills so you can make a look out. Mays landing is basically dirt. This is a very high resource.

  • Water- Water is a good recourse in mays landing. It has fish in it and has a lot of food suck plant life fish fresh water eels. It is good for drinking a taking a dip when it is hot out side.


  • River- We have one good river called the great egg harbor river. It has great food resources. You could drink from the river and catch food such as fish ,stiny rays, eels and big striped bass. It is also good for bathing and taking a dip.