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Interactive Events. About EventPlatform. Founded in 2008 Founders are experts in technology innovations with 20+ years of experience in multi-national IT and consulting corporations. . Key Competences : Technology Solutions , providing new quality of corporate events

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About eventplatform
About EventPlatform

  • Founded in 2008

  • Founders are experts in technology innovations with 20+ years of experience in multi-national IT and consulting corporations.

Key Competences:

  • Technology Solutions, providing new quality of corporate events

  • Creative approach – in 5 years of operations, we have developed and executed more than 300 unique concepts and scenarios of events.

Engine of Emotions

Our services
Our services

Training and peopledevelopment

Business applications


Interactive events

Conferencesand congresses


Engine of Emotions

Interactive events
Interactive events

Each group of participants receive a tablet PC (iPad) which

  • Provide multiple tasks (locate an object, answer the questions, photo and video reports, communication with other people)

  • Controls how groups proceed

  • Instantly transmits all the information about participants actions and movements to the “headquarters”

    This is the way we organize exciting sightseeing tours, competitions and teambuilding programs.

Engine of Emotions


«Virtual guide» comments on all your moves

Chat with HQ

Creative tasks (drawing over photos, video etc.)

Illustrated tasks and questions

Various clues, including maps and compass

Time control

Engine of Emotions

A view from hq
A view from HQ

Chat with teams

Forced «Jump» to a different point

Instant viewing of photos and videos

Full statistics on team actions

Teams movement in real time

Engine of Emotions

Different event formats
Different event formats

Sequential routes with the possibility of their dynamical change from the headquarters

Points and tasks for “free walk” in any order - «ScavengerGame» and «Treasure Hunt» style

Intellectual games (“Brain Ring”) and quizzes

Sightseeing in a free format – visiting any combination of “interactive points” across the city or hotel territory, with manual or automatic route selection

Engine of Emotions

Training and people development
Training and people development

Interactive training is especially effective in the form of “field practice”

  • Visiting point of sales, market analysis and practice on communication with clients

  • Working with focus groups

  • Knowledge testing and feedback from participants

  • Creative tasks dedicated to corporate values, principles, strategies, products and services perception

  • Tasks on communication and team working

Engine of Emotions

Business applications
Business applications

  • Customized for your specific event

  • Can be downloaded on participants’ own devices or on iPad/smartphone rented from us

    Full, convenient, interactive and personalized information about the event

  • Maps, schedules, materials

  • Virtual roundtables

  • Quizzes, lotteries, electronic feedback forms

  • Q&A with speakers in real time

  • Augmented Reality applications

  • Integration with social networks

    For organizers, it is also a great two-way B2C communications channel

Engine of Emotions

All information services for business events

Indoor navigation and scheduling

All information servicesfor business events

Event Advisor: interactive guide installable on mobile devices of event participants

Registration systems

Instant voting systems

Social networks capabilities

InstaStream: Instagram-based contest engine

Social networks capabilities


Company’s anniversaries, “Family Days”, picnics, social responsibility events and New Year celebrations

  • Unique scenarios

  • Smooth integration of corporate culture topics

  • Interactive tasks and flash mobs

  • Communication and teaming up for all participants

Engine of Emotions

Conferences and congresses
Conferences and congresses

  • We did technology conferences in six countries

  • We have own technology development for conference support: websites, registration, badge printing, application and feedback forms, mobile applications for visitors

  • Proven record of communications with multiple venues

  • Experienced content division and designers working with leading world brands

  • Production process (design, construction, BTL, sound, light, personnel, MC, catering etc.) certified by ISO 9001:2008

Engine of Emotions

Our experience
Our experience

  • Events in 26 countries

  • Event size from 20 to 6000 people

  • Was running both on people’s own devices and on devices rented from us

  • Participants were walking, yachting, cycling, driving … using multiple ways of transportations

Engine of Emotions

Examples of events
Examples of events

  • Convention of directors of large restaurant chain (Istanbul, 650 people from 28 countries) – interactive game for 64 teams

  • Corporate New Year celebration for Siemens (Moscow, 600 people)

  • Summer “interactive eco-picnic” for Hewlett-Packard (Moscow, 400 people)

  • “Dealer school” for large automotive company (Russia, 600 people), interactive game for 60 teams

  • Cycle meeting for large pharmaceutical company (Turkey, 450 people), interactive game for 48 teams

  • “Leadership Forum” for top management of international IT company (Moscow, 45 people): creative concept, trainer selection, training results fixing and feedback collection, mobile application for participants

Engine of Emotions

Engine of emotions
Engine of Emotions

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