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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan PowerPoint Presentation
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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan

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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan. Kevin Kidney, Project Director EHR , eHealth Saskatchewan Michael Craig, Vice President, Orion Health. Presenter Disclosure. Faculty: Kevin Kidney - eHealth Saskatchewan

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Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Electronic Access to Information Benefits Patient Care in Saskatchewan Kevin Kidney, Project Director EHR, eHealth Saskatchewan Michael Craig, Vice President, Orion Health

    2. Presenter Disclosure • Faculty: Kevin Kidney - eHealth Saskatchewan Michael Craig - Orion Health • Relationships with commercial interests: • Kevin Kidney - Project Management Consultant, SolveraSolutions • Michael Craig – Vice President, Orion Health

    3. Agenda • What is the “eHR Viewer” • eHR Viewer Background • EHRs in Saskatchewan • Initial eHR Assets • Goals • Evolution of eHR Viewer • Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Benefits • Lessons Learned

    4. What is the “eHR Viewer” A secure website developed for Saskatchewan health care providers that provides access to patient profiles regardless of where they present for care or where they live in the province.

    5. eHR Viewer: Background • eHealthSaskatchewan/Orion Health Collaboration • Project aligns with the province’s overall interoperable EHR strategy - integrates Orion Health’s Clinical Portal Saskatchewan applications. • Integration - multi-vendor, cross-collaborative team of Project Managers, Healthcare SME’s, Technical Leads and Implementation Consultants.   • Canada Health Infoway as a funding partner

    6. Orion Health’s Role Orion Health worked in conjunction with eHealth Saskatchewan to provide: • Subject matter expertise; • requirements validation; • product installation; • Integration services; • Product configuration; • testing; and • deployment services Today, eHealth Saskatchewan and Orion Health continue to work together in delivering new clinical features and functionality

    7. Initial eHR assets Patient data in Saskatchewan is created/stored in various systems. For example: • Laboratory Information Systems • Pharmacy Information System • Saskatchewan Immunization Management System (SIMS) • Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) • Hospital Systems (Sunrise Clinical Manager) • Physician Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems • Transcription Systems

    8. Goals in building the eHR Viewer • The SK EHR vision is “Simply stated… getting the right information, to the right individual, at the right time, in the right place!” to: • Improve quality of patient care through informed decision making, • Improve the patient experience through the coordination of service delivery, • Improve overall efficiency and sustainability of the health sector, • Inform management decision-making and provide the necessary information base, • Support planning, outcome measurement, accountability and research.

    9. Goals of the Project Team • Provide value to the patients, clinicians/health care providers • Align with health system priorities • Continue to leverage the supporting infrastructure for the EHR • Continue to evolve the EHR infostructure • Continue to Add Value – make it “do-able”

    10. Evolution of eHR Viewer • Diagnostic images • Clinical encounters • Integration with hospital systems in context • Patient Portal • Remaining Health Regions & Canadian Blood Services Labs Future 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 • Immunization information • Discharge Summaries • Clinical Document Repository • Chronic Disease Management Data • Clinical Observation Repository • Prince Albert Parkland & Prairie North Labs • Pharmaceutical profile (PIP) • Drug Allergies & Contraindications (PIP) • Sun Country, Mamawetan, Saskatoon BloodBank Labs • eHR Viewer (IDM, patient demographics & Lab Results, Privacy services) • Integration w/ Shared Client Index • Saskatchewan Lab Results Repository(SLRR) • Five Hills & Kelsey Trail Labs • Provincial Standard Lab message • SDCL & Sunrise Labs • Direct Lab Distribution to EMR’s • Regina Qu’Appelle & Saskatoon Labs

    11. eHR - Architecture

    12. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer

    13. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Demographic information to uniquely identify a patient

    14. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Laboratory Test Results

    15. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Dispensed Medications

    16. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Known Medication Allergies and Intolerances

    17. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Immunizations

    18. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Transcribed Clinical Reports – Discharge Summaries

    19. Clinical Data in the eHR Viewer • Chronic Disease Management indicators

    20. Who uses the eHR Viewer • The eHR Viewer is currently in many health care settings: • Community Pharmacies • Walk-in Clinics • Specialist Clinics • Family Practice Clinics • Saskatchewan Cancer Agency • Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) Campus Health Center • Wascana Rehabilitation Center • Regional Health Authority Laboratory Medicine Medical Staff (Pathologists, Hematopathologists, Medical Biochemists and Medical Microbiologists)

    21. eHR Viewer Users

    22. Benefits • Fewer duplicate tests and quicker access to information • Access to over 90% of all lab results. • Lab Results Repository has more than 30 million lab test results, (60,000/day). • History of previous testing • Integration to Pharmacy Information Program repository provides access to over 105 million prescriptions (43,000/day). • Ease of use and implementation - Intuitive user interface • Highly scalable and able to integrate with other health systems and data domains. • As eHR Viewer is rolled out across the province, clinical data will be available anywhere a patient seeks medical care in province

    23. Facilitates the sharing of patient centric information across the continuum of care

    24. A more accurate & timely picture of the patient Less time waiting for information Better treatment decisions Faster diagnosis

    25. Reduced duplicate laboratory testing Reduced duplicate medication treatment Activelyinvolve patients Supporting patient confidentiality

    26. Lessons Learned • Rigorous project planning and execution • Strong project governance structure (agile decision-making) • Steering Committee • Clinical Consultation • Privacy and data governance • Build the right team – “One Team” approach • Never under estimate the time for each project phase • Do-able value added releases

    27. Lessons Learned • Ensure supporting business process readiness • Streamline the on boarding process: • Online User Self Registration • Online Acceptance of User Agreements • Online training and self-directed tools and supports • Online User account management (Password resets) • Document, Document, Document • Test, Test, Test • Keep an eye on performance • Pilot with providers – “limited production roll-out”

    28. A few more testimonials… “The eHR Viewer is the best lab information source I have seen…the interface is intuitive. I can quickly log on from anywhere; it is easy to find patients; and best of all, even if a patient's tests were done in another health region, the results are still immediately available.“ Dr. Milo Fink – Saskatchewan Physician “Since I began using the eHR Viewer I have been able to impact patient care in a positive way each and every day.” Kimberly Sentes – Saskatchewan Pharmacist

    29. Questions For more information: Kevin Kidney Mike Craig Project Director, EHR Vice President eHealth Saskatchewan Orion Health Office: 306.337.5510 Office: Mobile: 306.591.2654 Mobile: E-mail: E-mail: