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9/6 – 9/9 Icebreaker PowerPoint Presentation
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9/6 – 9/9 Icebreaker

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9/6 – 9/9 Icebreaker - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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9/6 – 9/9 Icebreaker. Quiz TODAY!!!! On Pages 696 – 700 in your textbook You may have 1 sheet of notebook paper that you prepared BEFORE the quiz!!! Good luck . Events that brought US into war.

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9 6 9 9 icebreaker
9/6 – 9/9 Icebreaker
  • Quiz TODAY!!!! On Pages 696 – 700 in your textbook
  • You may have 1 sheet of notebook paper that you prepared BEFORE the quiz!!! Good luck
events that brought us into war
Events that brought US into war
  • Resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare – bases on belief that Germany could defeat the Allies before US entry
  • Zimmermann Telegram – Germany proposed allying itself with Mexico against US and Germany would help regain Texas, Mexico, Arizona
  • Russian Revolution – communist overthrew republic in place and withdrew from WWI
  • Wilson declared war on Germany under two principals
    • Unrestricted submarine warfare = warfare vs. humanity
    • Declared the world must be saved for democracy
us home front rapid mobilization
US Home Front = Rapid Mobilization
  • The War Industries Board – set production priorities
  • The Food Administration – eat less meat and bread
  • The Fuel Administration – directed efforts to save fuel
  • The National War Labor Board – maintained production by arbitrating disputes between laborers and employers
  • Liberty Bonds - Citizens buy war bonds and are paid back with interest by the government
  • Taxes - Congress increased both personal income and corporate taxes as well as placing an excise tax on luxury goods
  • Selective Service Act - Required all men between 21 and 30 to register for the draft
  • African Americans – 400,000 served in segregated units
gov t attempt to control public opinion
Gov’t attempt to control public opinion
  • The Committee on Public Information

Propaganda designed to promote support for US forces (the “boys”) and turn public opinion against the Germans

  • The American Protective League

Nativist organization (not a government agency)

  • The Espionage and Sedition Acts

Provided for imprisonment of up to 20 years for people who attempted to start rebellion in the armed forces or obstruct the draft

  • Schenck vs. United States (1919)

Espionage Act was constitution = Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes stated the right to free speech could be limited when it represented a “clear and present danger” to public safety

how did the us entry change the way the war was fought
How did the US entry change the way the war was fought????
  • Reaction to German submarine warfare

US underwent massive ship building program and used a convoy system

  • The American Expeditionary Force (AEF)

Initially used to plug holes or weak spots in British and French lines

  • The last German offensive

Enough US forces were in place by the summer of 1918 to hold the line against the last German offensive attack on the Marne River

  • The last battle of the war

Meuse-Argonne Offensive: From August 1918 to October 1918, an Allied attack against German forces along the Meuse River and through the Argonne Forest

  • On November 11, 1918 the Germans signed an armistice

The 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month

Germans agreed to surrender their weapons give up much of their navy, and evacuate occupied territory