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Hall A collaboration business meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Hall A collaboration business meeting

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Hall A collaboration business meeting

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  1. Hall A collaboration business meeting J. Roche Ohio University December 16, 2013

  2. Note to speakers • Please put your slides on the presentation computer in the break before you speak. • Make sure a copy of your talk is available to me • Leave in “Hall A Talks” folder on presentation desktop, OR • Email copy to jroche@jlab.org (keep files to reasonable size) .

  3. Note to attendees: Please Register !! • Coffee breaks are no longer provided by the lab and need to be covered by participants. • $24 for Hall A collaboration meeting $12 for Analysis meeting Students are covered

  4. Special events • Two theory seminars C. Horowitz, Parity violation on heavy nuclei, Monday 1:30pm Prokudin, TMD evolution, Tuesday 1:30 pm • Hall A Safety walkthrough Everyone need to be retrained Mon. and Tues. at 12:15, meet in the hall Organizer: J. Lerose • Collaboration photo and reception Monday at 5:30pm in the CebafCenter atrium • Student luncheon (sponsored by JSA) Wednesday noon, room A110 Organizer: Melissa Cummings

  5. Hall A business,News, andAnnouncements

  6. Coordination Committee members ** Thanks to Wouter for his work putting together our meeting agenda New members to be elected this upcoming spring. Think about serving.

  7. Annual report Spearheaded by M. Dalton. • Annual report submitted to arxiv and available on web. Author list aggregated from the author list from each of the contributions • Deadline for contribution December 13. Thanks to every one who sent a contribution! • Last year, it had: • 18 summaries of Experimental Activities, and • One large “General Hall Developments”. • The report only makes sense if we have a large number of meaningful contribution: the collaboration counts on you and • Mark is looking for you who should have submitted a summary but has not done it yet!!

  8. New members: students No vote – will be added to roster Anyone else? Students, please tell us when you graduate: you need to update your membership!

  9. New full members (Need to vote) Currently, we have ~ 300 “active” members and ~ 100 “inactive” members.

  10. New working groups • SBS collaboration • Chair Brian Quinn, Carnegie Mellon, secretary: John Lerose • http://hallaweb.jlab.org/12GeV/SuperBigBite/SBS-minutes/ • Hadron calorimeter HCAL-J for 12-GeV • Coordinators: BogdanWojtsekhowski, Vincenzo Bellini and Gregg Franklin Working groups were a Hall A thing 15 years ago, as per outdated collaboration page. Consider reforming/announcing your working group! Might consider presentations dedicated to working groups at our next collaboration meeting.

  11. Web presence • Very outdated web page • Any volunteer for update should contact me • Any idea on what should be on that page: contact me • Latest update : • Data management plan written by the Hall A staff (useful for NSF grant submission) Let’s start this meeting!!