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  1. Weather Vocabulary Dressing For the Weather The Four Seasons Transportation Activities In Weather $1 $1 $1 $1 $1 $2 $2 $2 $2 $2 $5 $5 $5 $5 $5 $10 $10 $10 $10 $10 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 Made by CME

  2. Weather VocabularyMeasures the direction and speed of the wind Made by CME

  3. Weather VocabularyWhat is a wind sock? Made by CME

  4. Weather Vocabulary Measures how warm or cold something is Made by CME

  5. Weather Vocabulary What is thermometer? Made by CME

  6. Weather Vocabulary Measures the amount of rainfall. Made by CME

  7. Weather VocabularyWhat is a rain gauge? Made by CME

  8. Weather Vocabulary Describes the condition of the air outdoors such as temperature, cloud coverage, wind speed, and rainfall. Made by CME

  9. Weather Vocabulary What is weather? Made by CME

  10. Weather Vocabulary Something that repeats. Made by CME

  11. Weather Vocabulary What is a pattern? Made by CME

  12. Dressing For the Weather You can wear a bathing suit in this season(s). Made by CME

  13. Dressing For the Weather What is the summer or spring? Made by CME

  14. Dressing For the Weather If you traveled to Alaska you would need to pack these 3 items. Made by CME

  15. Dressing For the Weather What are jackets, gloves, and boots? Made by CME

  16. Dressing For the WeatherWhen it begins to get cool in the Fall, you would need to wear which of the following type of shoes: flip flopssnow bootsboots/tennis shoes Made by CME

  17. Dressing For the Weather What are boots/tennis shoes? Made by CME

  18. Dressing For the Weather Mrs. English came to school wearing a scarf, heavy coat, and gloves during what season. Made by CME

  19. Dressing For the Weather What is winter? Made by CME

  20. Dressing For the Weather Brynn traveled to Hawaii during her summer vacation. She took which of the following items in her suitcase:scarfhatgloves Made by CME

  21. Dressing For the Weather What is a hat? Made by CME

  22. The Four SeasonsDuring this season you can see leaves changing colors and falling from the trees Made by CME

  23. The Four SeasonsWhat is fall/autumn? Made by CME

  24. The Four SeasonsIn this season people most likely will start going to parks to have picnics. Made by CME

  25. The Four Seasons What is spring? Made by CME

  26. The Four Seasons The temperature during this season could be around 32°F? Made by CME

  27. The Four SeasonsWhat is winter? Made by CME

  28. The Four Seasons During this season there could be lots of thunderstorms due to all the evaporation that has occurred. Made by CME

  29. The Four SeasonsWhat is summer? Made by CME

  30. The Four SeasonsDuring this season the sun sets earlier making the days seem shorter. Made by CME

  31. The Four Seasons What is winter? Made by CME

  32. Transportation During the spring and summer people will drive around with the top down in this type of automobile. Made by CME

  33. Transportation What is a convertible? Made by CME

  34. TransportationPeople in the northern part of the Unites Stated use these on their tires so their car doesn’t slide all over the road. Made by CME

  35. TransportationWhat are tire chains? Made by CME

  36. TransportationPeople use windshield wipers during rainy days. Which of the following vehicles uses windshield wipers: jet skisbusgolf cart Made by CME

  37. TransportationWhat is a bus? Made by CME

  38. TransportationYou will see people in speed boats with lots of sun scrreen during what time of year. Made by CME

  39. TransportationWhat is summer? Made by CME

  40. Transportation If you went to skiing in Colorado during the winter you would see people using these to get around in the snow for fun:jet skis snow mobilecar Made by CME

  41. TransportationWhat is a snow mobile? Made by CME

  42. Activities in Weather You can do this in 92°F:ski down a hillplay basketballmake a snowman Made by CME

  43. Activities in WeatherWhat is playing basketball? Made by CME

  44. Activities in WeatherIn the winter you can make this with the snow. Made by CME

  45. Activities in Weather What is a snowman? Made by CME

  46. Activities in Weather During summer people watch these popping in the hot summer night sky. Made by CME

  47. Activities in WeatherWhat are fireworks? Made by CME

  48. Activities in WeatherYou will find some of your favorite teachers relaxing at this salt water area filled with sand during the summer. Made by CME

  49. Activities in Weather What is the beach? Made by CME

  50. Activities in Weather You can do this year round:snow skiplay baseballrun through sprinklers Made by CME