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The Perfect Bride

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The Perfect Bride

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the perfect bride

The Perfect Bride

I recently heard the term the "Perfect Bride" used to describe somebody. It was interesting to hear and got me thinking; what makes a bride "perfect"? Does that make the rest of brides "ordinary"?

Since August of 2010, I got married, four of my good friends got married and two other close friends selected their Sottero and Midgley Bloome Jsm1300 for their upcoming weddings. Seven brides shopping for their dream dress in less than a one year period. Those seven dresses may have some similar qualities with the other dresses, but for the most part they couldn't be more different. Which dress is perfect? What dress will make you look and feel like a "magazine bride"?

I always imagined the "perfect" bride would be wearing a white dress, not ivory. It would be poofy and full of crystals and pearls. The train of the dress would be unbelievably long and detailed. She would wear a medium length veil on her half-up, half-down, curled hair. Allure 8605 She would be wearing a gorgeous pair of white still to pumps (preferably peep toe) that she would leave on all day/night long rather than changing into slippers or flip-flops. Even before I got engaged, I knew that this was EXACTLY what I wanted to look like on the most important day of my life.
A close friend of mine imagines the "perfect bride" wearing a form fitting, ivory gown. Casablanca 1793 The bride's hair would be curled and put back with a birdcage veil to match. She would be wearing a pair of ivory kitten heeled shoes with a pair of flip flops or slippers to change into at the reception.
Such good friends, yet completely different idea on what makes the "perfect bride". I've learned a lot through the past couple of years. Between planning my own wedding, attending friends weddings, and being a bridesmaid in friends Private Label By G Destiny Ma47; the only thing all seven brides had in common was that they were choosing the "perfect" dress, and the "perfect" wedding for themselves and their groom. Until we plan our own weddings, many of us find ourselves at the weddings of family, friends and co-workers looking around thinking of what we would have done differently. Whether it be different linens, different gown, tuxes, bridesmaid dresses or food, it is so much easier to critic a wedding than it is to just sit back and enjoy being a part of the biggest day of the bride and groom's live
During the past year, I have yet to see a bride who didn't look perfect. Each bride looked stunning. Their personalities were shown in the Wedding Dresses Private Label By G they wore and the way they wore their hair. Most importantly, each one of the brides spent the day happier than I've ever seen them before. To me, there is nothing more beautiful and “perfect" than that.
Amanda Love is a blogger through Amanda shares her unique and honest perspective on many different areas of planning, attending and being a part of a Alfred Angelo 1952. Whether you're a bride, groom, bridesmaid, and guest or just interested in weddings, check out Amanda's blog for some fun ideas and feedback!