how to choose wedding fat bride l.
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How to choose wedding fat bride

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How to choose wedding fat bride - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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how to choose wedding fat bride

How to choose wedding fat bride

Somewhat fleshy bride must be very upset, worried that their wedding is not pretty. Pronovias Famosa In fact, choose a self wedding, make you look slim a lot of oh. Here take a look at how to choose it!

Right arm and shoulder modification
  • Worn correctly: you want to modify the arm and shoulder fat MM fonts are sure to choose a San Patrick Edecan, the more stiff material, a more sedate color design. That is blocking the effect of fat on arms, shoulders, and the meat can be modified, in addition, high waist design can be hidden fat waist, the proportion of elongated upper body, vertical skirt design, one way or another shape also allows the body to highlight the lines.
Negative example: You can not try Bra, halter and a short section of the Sottero and Midgley Lansing Jsm1325, the wedding will be more exposed Bra shoulder is the arm of defects, but will only make Bra's wedding looks more and more upper body fat.
Clever modification of the waist
  • Wearing the correct method: waist fat wedding is no doubt exactly the same choice of MM, will only make the wedding a bit loose body fat MM expansion looks more sense, but can not choose the body style particularly closely, but the so-called loose material on Allure 8769, design simplicity, should not be a gauze. Such as the waist in the middle of the chest and waist, the waist so that you can fall below the meat can be hidden in the skirt. You can choose waist or dress wedding decoration lines, you can play to reduce the visual effect of obesity, because the use of lines will be obese at the elongated, so there was less of fat.
Negative example: you want to cover some fat on the waist of MM had better remember, Casablanca 1848 design, fold over waist is totally unacceptable to try, so it is easy for everyone's eyes which in the waist, it is easier to highlight the waist fat too much.
Modified lower body, cover Buttocks
  • Worn correctly: modified lower body as long as the skirt is to see the design, in particular, can not avoid wearing too much expansion of the hem wedding dress, it is best to wear A-line La Sposa Farandula, with satin fabric is better, if you need to lace decoration, But not too much decoration, the body has enough fullness, not to add more modification. The main skirt is a simple design models, the effect of the pursuit of modification ratio, is important to have satin drape, stretch lines and smooth look.
Negative example: You can not use gauze skirt or dress style cake layered skirt, it looks only more complicated, so the body looks more expansion, although this is a popular Maggie Sottero Chance S5208styles, but they still fat MM Herd can not be blind, must proceed from reality.