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Fundraising Program Ivana Wibowo PowerPoint Presentation
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Fundraising Program Ivana Wibowo

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Fundraising Program Ivana Wibowo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fundraising Program Ivana Wibowo

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  1. Fundraising Program Ivana Wibowo

  2. Venture Introduction: • Tail Wags is very passionate about promoting safety helmet. • The company produces fashionable helmet covers. • To generate more sales, and to spread its mission to promote helmet safety, Tail Wags introduced a fundraising program. The fundraising program encourages schools to participate, and earn 50% commission on the helmet covers sold that the organization generates. • By the earning commission, we are helping the schools to raise the much needed fund for their school.

  3. The TEAM: Responsibilities of team: • Ivana Wibowo (Student): plan, design, and execute plan. • KarynClimans(Entrepreneur): guide, provide feedback, and finalized and execute plan. • Peter Miller (Professor): provide feedback and suggestion • Amanda Calouro(Student Advisor): provide suggestions Reporting to team: Meet face to face, telephone, and e-mail.

  4. Task and Process

  5. End Product • We provided the fundraising package which includes a brochure (with product list and pictures), a link to our website, and a link to our facebook and twitter page, and an order taking form. • Out of the 600 schools we have on our database, we were able to contact about 300 schools during my time at Tail Wags. Out of the 300 schools, we were able to generate interest from 206 schools- which we got a call back from ten of the schools that is now participating in our program. Originally we aimed for 30 schools to participate. The main reason we didn’t generate as much participant as we would like was probably because we contacted the schools during the end of the school year. Many schools were done with their fundraising effort, and were not interested in the program.

  6. Conclusion In conclusion, the project was fairly successful- we were very successful in our research, and creating a database base on it. We didn`t reach our goal of getting at least 30 schools in participating, but I learned many things about running a small business from the experience. Some of the things that I learned from working at Tail Wags are: • Time management and organization • Networking • Social Media • The importance of publication • Building a database • Communication skills