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3D Life. Loughborough Design Jam. Concept. The Issue: Children enjoy technology (but maybe a bit too much)

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3d life

3D Life

Loughborough Design Jam


The Issue: Children enjoy technology (but maybe a bit too much)

Our Aim: To utilise this interest and competitive spirit, to get kids engaged in real world activities. Encouraging more physical interaction, making them healthier and social. Helping parents engage better with their children.

Moving from a 2D to a 3D life


  • Parents may act as the supervisors and initiators to their children's activity

  • The parents can create events and activities for their children and peers. These can include challenges and games which give reward points to the children.

  • These events can be any activity which they may think of.

  • These can be private events with known invitees or public events which will generate invites to all app users in that locality.

  • The organisers/parents can award the points after the activity.


  • Children will have a profile which will have their points score, based on the activities they do.

  • These achievement points will motivate the child to attend more events, do well in those events and generate a higher score. Encouraging healthy competition.

  • Participation alone will also generate points.

  • Children make more friends.

Business plan
Business Plan

  • We aim to be the app designers and effectively act as account holders for advertising activities by business and corporates. We may approach organisations to have a presence and engage with our app. We will manage their experience with our service.

  • Organisations can advertise their services and facilities as events which children may sign up to and attend

  • Organisations get advertising space, get people through their doors from which they may make return business and upsell

  • We get added events to our service, increasing awareness of our app, revenue from businesses and get more children out, experiencing new activities.

Thanks to all at Lufbra Jam!

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