workshop v what makes a r t powerful n.
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Workshop V: What Makes A r t Powerful? PowerPoint Presentation
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Workshop V: What Makes A r t Powerful?

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Workshop V: What Makes A r t Powerful?

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Workshop V: What Makes A r t Powerful?

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  1. Book Selection: Which book interests you? Rate the following book titles with 1(top choice), 2 (second choice), or 3(last choice). Wait until the presentation is over to rate. Workshop V: What Makes Art Powerful?

  2. Choice: Whirligigby Paul Fleischman • New to town, Brent Bishop longs to stroll around school with the popular Brianna on his arm. But when Brianna begs him at a party full of schoolmates to stop hounding her, Brent’s hops are shattered. Trying to escape his humiliation, he attempts to destroy himself in a car crash and ends up killing Lea, an innocent teen unfortunate enough to cross his path. • Lea’s mother asks on thing of Brent: that create four whirligigs from a picture of Lea and set the up the four corners of the United States., Lea’s mother believes that by spreading the joy what whirligigs gave Lea as a child, Brent will keep Lea’s spirit alive. • And so Brent goes off with an unlimited bus ticket and the tools he needs to memorialize Lea. On his journey, he rediscovers his own love of life, and he begins to realize how – like the pieces that form the intricate whirligigs people come together to affect each other in surprising ways.

  3. Choice: Buddha Boyby KatheKoja • The kids at school call Jinsen “Buddha Boy”—he wears oversize tie-dyed dragon T- shirts, shaves his head, and always seems to be smiling. He's clearly a freak. Then Justin is paired with him for a class project. As he gets to know Jinsen and his incredible artistic talent, Justin questions his own beliefs. But being friends with Buddha Boy isn't simple, especially when Justin realizes that he's going to have to take sides. What matters more: the high school social order or getting to know someone extraordinary?

  4. Choice: Locomotionby Jacqueline Woodson • When Lonnie was seven years old, his parents died in a fire. Now he's eleven, and he still misses them terribly. And he misses his little sister, Lili, who was put into a different foster home because "not a lot of people want boys-not foster boys that ain't babies." But Lonnie hasn't given up. His foster mother, Miss Edna, is growing on him. She's already raised two sons and she seems to know what makes them tick. And his teacher, Ms. Marcus, is showing him ways to put his jumbled feelings on paper.