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Plumbing Supply Forum

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Plumbing Supply Forum. 1 July 2010. Promote encourage foster Proactive – interactive Promote certification schemes Represent the interests of members Provide a forum. “May you live in interesting times”. Global developments New IR Laws National Wage Case Environmental Issues

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Plumbing Supply Forum

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Presentation Transcript
Promote encourage foster
  • Proactive – interactive
  • Promote certification schemes
  • Represent the interests of members
  • Provide a forum
Global developments
  • New IR Laws
  • National Wage Case
  • Environmental Issues
  • Industry Regulators
  • Standards Australia
  • Elections
budget forecasts
Budget Forecasts
  • Australia’s GDP 3.25 % - 4%
  • Business Investment up by 7% (was -2%)
  • Exports – Increase overall 5%
  • Employment levels – up 2.25%
  • Wage Growth – increasing by 3.75%
  • Inflation falling to 2.5% and steadying
employment issues
Employment Issues
  • Fair Work Australia Award Wage Case
  • Award Modernisation
  • Paid Parental leave
  • Increases in Superannuation Levy

No productivity or

efficiency trade offs

environmental issues
Environmental Issues
  • Environmental
  • Sustainability
  • Green skills
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water savings
  • Climate action
water efficiency labelling standards
Water Efficiency Labelling Standards

We hold the view for WELS that was expressed by the then ACCC Chairman, Graeme Samuel (29/9/06) on the energy star rating system:–

“The integrity of the Australian energy star rating system is important because it provides a powerful market-driven incentive for manufacturers to improve the energy performance of their products. Consumers need to have confidence that they can use the star rating of an air-conditioner to make an informed choice between competing brands”.

managing the flow
Managing the Flow
  • … take immediate action …. implement minimum water efficiency standards
  • … make necessary legislative changes – WaterMark prerequisite for WELS
  • … examine enforcement practices
  • …. NPRF lead role for audit and enforcement
  • … explore option national coordination
wels review
WELS Review
  • Dr Chris Guest
  • Great Expectations!
ongoing frustrations
Ongoing Frustrations
  • Products with WELS without themselves carrying any traceable WaterMark
  • Ensure products which do not achieve minimum performance are not able to be sold
  • Feedback on complaints
  • One off imported products being installed
  • Integrity of Standards Committee meetings
standards australia
Standards Australia
  • Purpose is the development of standards


  • New framework for the continuing development of Australian standards
the strategic principles are
The strategic principles are:
  • Standards will benefit the Australian community;
  • Australia will maximise use of prevailing international standards;
  • Standards development will be driven by commitment of stakeholders; and
  • Australian StandardsTM will only be produced where appropriate.
Electronic access

Legal protections

Outdated AS

Acceptance, nationally

Redundant standards in regulations

What constitutes a Project

Revisons – net benefit analysis?

Generation of review?

Principle 2 & ISO

Non-acceptance of un-ending projects

SAA ability and resource base


Provision for urgent matters

Single Net Benefit Case?

Standatrds Australia’s Development Committee

And where do ATSs fit in the new scheme?

National Construction Code
  • WaterMark
  • National Energy Efficiency Framework
  • Energy Efficiency Task Group
  • Enhanced Renewable Energy Target
  • Australian Government Disability Standards for Access to Premises
  • Greenhouse Intensive Hot Water Systems
be careful
Be Careful!

It’s a real market out there