Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Profile
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Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Profile - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By following these unique tips on how to improve your business credit profile, you should be able to avoid excessive charges, and maintain your credit rating as you use your card to make purchases. As long as your business credit profile, and you keep track of your monthly expenditures, your credit rating should improve, especially if you continue to pay your bill off in full on time.

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Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Profile

by: www.badcreditresources.com

Are you an established business owner?.....

  • Perhaps you are a new business owner trying to build a solid business credit history. There are many ways to improve your overall business credit profile.

Apply for your Own Business Credit Card

  • When you apply for a business credit card, and use it regularly, this is a very simple way to begin building your credit history.

  • Your business credit card can actually help you begin to build your overall business credit rating which will help you apply for a loan when the time comes.

Maintaining High Personal Credit Scores

  • Having good personal credit standing is extremely important for a business.

  • Whenever you apply for a business line of credit, or a loan for your business, the creditor will more than likely evaluate your personal credit rating as well as your business credit history.

Pay your Bill on Time

  • Just like building personal credit, prompt payment of your business credit card should also be done.

  • It really is the best proof that you can provide to any lender that you are trustworthy by making your payments on time.

Make sure your business credit profile is in order

  • You should get in the habit of regularly checking your business credit report, specifically looking at all of your transactions to make sure that accurate information is representing you and your company.

  • Sending a letter to Dun and Bradstreet, or any other business credit tracker which issues these types of reports, to get your current credit information can also help you stay on track.

Be sure that all relevant credit activities are recorded properly

  • Once you are officially registered with the business credit tracker, this is the time to apply for business credit lines and other forms of credit.

  • Remember that business credit bureaus are not actually consumer credit reporting agencies – this is very important to understand.

  • If your goal is to build a positive business credit history, all of your credit activities must be reported to a business credit tracker so that it is on official record.

You must register your business with a business credit tracker

  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) is the leading business credit tracker in the United States.

  • By going to the D&B, you can register for a number online at their website. Once the registration is complete, your D&B number will be sent to you in 30 days or less.

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