5 smart reasons for buying a used car n.
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Used Car Dealerships Houston | Second Hand Cars | Bacliff Auto PowerPoint Presentation
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Used Car Dealerships Houston | Second Hand Cars | Bacliff Auto

Used Car Dealerships Houston | Second Hand Cars | Bacliff Auto

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Used Car Dealerships Houston | Second Hand Cars | Bacliff Auto

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  1. 5 smart reasons for buying a used car While new cars are tempting, for either prestige or just the latest technology, it is not always a wise financial decision if you consider it an investment. More people are going the second-hand way for the following reasons; Depreciation Here is the catch, ALL CARS DEPRECIATE, especially the brand-new ones. Just by driving it off the parking lot, a car depreciates by up to 20%. It will depreciate for an extra 10% or more in the first year of use. This means that typically, a car depreciates by more than 30% in the first year of use. Shockingly, other reports rate it at 50%. Depreciation flattens out in the second year of ownership and increases again in the fifth year until you can no longer drive it again. Very few people would love to have the same car for more than six years.

  2. This means that owning a car in its third year is a better idea as it will depreciate very slowly as compared to a brand new car. The difference will not be very major if you purchase a 3-year-old car and a brand new car in its second year. Considering that you have most likely borrowed the money to purchase the new car, imagine it will depreciate from the moment you drive it off the parking lot, and make a wise decision. Better Car Less Money If your aim is to save money while buying a good luxury car, then you should definitely go for a second-hand car on sale. Cars are really good these days. Decades ago cars never lasted that long, but because companies no longer come up with models annually, they have upgraded their cars to last longer. You may not be able to afford the new BMW that you have lusted over for years, but a 3-year- old one can fit into your budget. Second-hand cars no longer carry the stigma they used to, as

  3. cars are now lasting longer than they used to. A car that could go 100,000 miles can now do 200,000. This means that your 3-year-old BMW will still look as good as new in its third year. You can purchase more than you can imagine with a half or even a quarter budget of a brand new car. The difference is never obvious with buffing, maintenance, and very good repairs. Just upgrade and your car will be as good as new. Variety There are about 350 models of brand new cars. This sounds like a lot until you discover that it is just a drop compared to second-hand cars on sale. If you doubt this, just check the online cars on sale. As the prices are more affordable, you will have a variety of models to choose from. This may not be possible with brand new cars as the prices are usually out of reach to most people. Lower Insurance Cost

  4. The cost of insurance is higher for brand new cars as they are valued higher. It is significantly lower for used cars. You can actually do away with some elements in the insurance, like collision and theft which are low risks in their old age. Various companies have also come up that give a report on second-hand car usage and risk factor. You can have some peace of mind knowing that you can get a detailed report before making a purchase. Buying a second-hand car used to be as good as gambling, where you buy someone else's problems. This risk has now been mitigated by other companies. Helpful Aftermarket Communities Cars that have been in the market long enough have a lot of support in terms of repairs and maintenance. For a brand new car, it is a gamble. There are so many returns and irreversible damages in that most dealers are still learning how to sort out emerging mishaps. It may also be very difficult to get spare parts when a model is still new in the market. Visit here to know about best website to buy used cars Conclusion. There is no shame in buying a second-hand car on sale. It is way better than not having a car because you believe that there is a stigma surrounding buying second-hand cars. Most car owners have actually bought second-hand cars because there is no major difference in terms of outlook. Considering that you can easily access a car's history and usage, make the purchase now.