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A memorable baby birthday

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A memorable baby birthday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You\'ve been invited to the baby\'s first birthday and haven\'t the foggiest idea what to take for the baby? Not to worry. We\'ve created a list of unique and useful gifts that will be appreciated by the parents. Read on.

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A memorable baby birthday

A memorable baby birthday

You've been invited to the baby's first birthday and haven't the foggiest idea what to take

for the baby? Not to worry. We've created a list of unique and useful gifts that will be

appreciated by the parents. Read on.

During a survey conducted over a two

year span and covering 114 baby first

birthday parties, you might be amazed to

know we found that roughly 50% of the

invitees bought baby hampers containing

the same three or four assorted items,

another 30% bought diaper and nappy

sets, 19% bought soft toys and only 1%

bought some unique personalised item

for the baby or its parents.

Consequently, the baby's parents ended up with loads of baby powder, soaps, diapers,

feeding bottles and baby

suits suitable for one year

olds. With so much of each

type of baby use products,








wasting most of it (using a








dumping it because the child

had quickly outgrown the

need for the item. The long

and short of the story is that

there is a lot of wastage.

Cary instead something that

is unique, is useful and

would be highly appreciated. Even though the party is for the one year old, you do not have

to necessarily carry something for the baby – you could buy a gift for the parents instead.

Monogrammed bath towels or bathrobes for instance. If the baby is named “Cinderella”,

you could monogram “Cinderella's dad” and “Cinderella's mom” on the bath robes.

If you decide to gift the parents rather than the one-year old child, then sky is the limit.

There's no shortage of ideas and items you could gift. But ideally, it should be something

connected with the baby – think practical deodorants and air-fresheners included.

If you're thinking for gifting the one year old birthday girl or birthday boy something, think


bath toys, bath books or waterproof

mp3player loaded with nursery rhymes

and songs. The parent could alternately

read the child a story while giving it a

bath or select a nursery rhyme or song

from the waterproof mp3 player. A

child's waterproof camera is also a

wonderful gifting idea. These cameras

while highly functional have a toy like

appearance and colour – something the





photographed with this camera. The

camera has a sturdy build and can take a



few knocks while still delivering the perfect snapshot.

While on the topic of camera's you could also buy a nice picture frame or two. With a new

one year kid in the house, the parents tend to take lots of photos and a nice picture frame

or two would be quite handy and much appreciated as would a photo album.

If you love the idea of presenting the parents or the one year old birthday boy or girl with a

personalised gift, the best place for such Gifts For New Baby is

As an online store it saves you time and they have loads of choices for the birthday kid and

the parents too. Every item at can be personalised and you can

even select your own font. Rather than opt for a ready-made gift hamper with a few pre-

selected items, how about creating your very own 100% unique gift hamper? At you could do that too.

Also, if you cannot attend the birthday party for the one year old,

will courier the gift to the receiver and include a card too.

charges a flat delivery rate of $13.95 within Australia. World-wide Baby Gift Baskets

Australia deliveries can be done as well.

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